Wave heater in EC850?
Anyone install a Wave heater in a late model EC850. I can't find a place! May have to just use a stand for it. Anyone run a gas line inside and if so where did you tap into it at...


I would like to hear where folks are mounting the heaters as well as where they are tapping the gas line. I have the 995 but would like to do the same.
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I have a 10000BTU propane catalytic heater in my fifthwheel and wouldn't be without one again, however don't think they would work well for 2 reasons in a truck camper.
1. Would be too warm as even 1 plaque (5000 BTU) is good except for the coldest of days well below freezing in my 36ft fifthwheel.
2. You would use the available oxygen up in the TC in no time which means a window would have to be substantially open which means you would be heating a goodly amount of the outside. The space in a truck camper is relatively small and doesn't require a lot of heat to keep it warm. Just my thoughts!!!
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I've seen the Wave 3 mod done in an older EC 990 - it was installed under the dinette. We sat inside with another couple and it was comfy.
And another older EC 990 had it in the walkway. . .it was a caution though - I think it would be likely to get snagged on a shoelace or something.
The gas line was attached by removing the stove and plumbing in a fitting for the Wave3.
Keeping the window to the cabover open and a roof vent cracked will help expel moisture and prevent condensation.
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Ah! Here it is: Wave 3 - see page one and two for how a couple of EC owners did the install.

More inspirations: images of catalytic heaters in campers
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Never nix a Wave Heater in a TC. We are on our 3rd TC in 25 years and have always installed a Wave 3 heater. We love the silent and no DC power required heat. Not to mention the very minimal Propane usage. We have always had the bathroom vent opened slightly for plenty room air. A Max Air vent cover keeps rain or snow out. Our current Wave three location is our best yet. Its mounted as shown under the Oven in my photo in the previous post of Heater location photos. No problem with wall heat above the install location and of course Gas line is easily accessed behind the oven.

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