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(05-13-2017, 03:00 PM)panhead Wrote: We picked up our new 1160 about a month ago.We love it,but it is heavy.Been doing some up grades to my truck,think I'm about there.                                                   panhead,Chelan area

Good to hear I'm not the only one making improvements to the truck.  Big Grin   I finally decided on on a wireless back-up camera system (through TadiBrothers) but am interested in how other 1160 Owners may have installed/wired their cameras? If I install the box camera above the rear slide window, I still need to find a power source.  Any suggestions from you "professionals" out there on where to splice in the power source??

I don't have a 1160, but you might try running a hot wire (in a loom jacket) up from the basement and thru up to the top of the rear slide, then mount the camera on the slide... The other option is to simply mount the camera immediately below the slide... As high as the over the rail 1160 sits, this location should provide a satisfactory road view nearly as good...

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