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Full Version: Question about AC
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I am buying a 2016 1165 and I noticed that the air isn't ducted. We live in Florida so I am curious how well the air conditioning flows to the bedroom area since the wall covers about 2/3 of the area where the AC would blow. Does anyone have any experience using the AC in pretty warm weather and do you see it as an issue?

We had to pull the privacy screen 2/3rd's closed to block the AC when we had our old 1150 otherwise the blown air was just to intense.
My guess is that the "hot" sleeper might want the opening side while the cold sleeper would want the protected side.
We have the same concern/interest. With our 2015 1165 we have a fan strategically placed in the bedroom entrance to encourage air flow from the AC. It would be great if there was a air duct "extension" to direct the flow.
I am looking at a 1165 also. Any feedback on the AC to the sleeping area?
Right after purchasing ours we spent 30 days traveling out west, didn't get hot while sleeping including a few very high temperature areas in Nevada. My wife likes a small 12 volt fan on her side which is on the closed in side. I usually close the rear side vents on the AC at night to force more air from the front to the sleeping area