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Full Version: ac freezes up
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I just brought my 2017 Eagle Cap 1165 about two weeks ago and have been dealing with the ac constantly freezing up. Sometimes 3 times a day and at least once a night. I'm in the Houston area and we are still having 90 temps during the day.

The dealerships and the manual just says it sometimes does that. But is this normal?

Any suggestions?
It appears that the fin probe temperature sensor (freeze sensor) had came out of the fins. I simply put it back into the fins, defrosted all the ice build up and cleaned up the water.

It works great now. Still very loud but doesn't freeze up.

Big Grin
Excellent! Success stories are always nice to read.
Where was the sensor?  I was looking for it when mine froze up but did not locate it?
To locate the sensor, take off the inside air filter covers and remove the filters. Look up into the unit. You should see it then.
I also learned that if running it for longer periods of time, us "high", as sometimes the air-flow on low allows the ice to start forming, and once it starts, it gets out of hand quickly.
I did not see the freeze sensor from the inside.  Got on the roof, pulled the outer cover, the inside cover and found the freeze sensor was never inserted into the coil.  Now to test it.  Hope this solves my problem.

And how I installed it....