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December 05, 2012, 07:20:35 pm

On our new 2013 1165 we used it for about 8 nights and brought it to the dealer for a list ( will share that with you later) of warranty repairs the week of Oct 28th. Some repairs were made. But only the ones that did not need replacement parts.

I just had to email the General Manager of the dealership to explain that we are still waiting for factory parts as of today Dec. 5th. That is about 6 weeks!!!

Got a  email from service manager of dealership and he says  his shipping and receiving clerk has emails and phone calls into Adventure and that he (service manager)  will personally call the factory on the morning of the 6th to see what the hold up is.......

He said that his dealership is still waiting for parts!!! 

Rick Christensen
Prineville Oregon.
Can't tell.  If the parts are supplied from a third party vendor then it's out of the factory's hands.
Even so, you should get a response that indicates what is causing the delay (besides the Thanksgiving weekend).
January 04, 2013, 05:54:50 pm

Just got off of the phone with Brad, warranty manager for Eagle Cap and he seemed very receptive and concerned to get the remaining parts needed to get our 2013 1165 repaired and in working condition.
He is sending the last parts needed to the dealer next week.
Brad was spot on with his responce to my questions.  If he did not have the answer he said he would go out to the assembly line and ask a tech and call me back with the answer.  Brad did just that....... called me back with the answer. No B.S.

Nice work Brad!!
Refreshing to have someone in customer service, that does what they say they will do.

Thanks again!
YEA!! Spoke with the dealer yesterday and all the parts are in at the dealer and we are scheduled for 1/23/13 to get the camper back in to finish the warranty repairs!!!

Will let you know how that all goes!

01/22/ 13 Camper at the dealer for warranty repairs!!!
Having problems with galley slide not tracking evenly so the maker of the slide (Lippert Schwintec) has been contacted and they will send dealer parts for repair.
Well where do I start.
The dealer where I bought the camper, All Seasons RV & Marine, had the opportunity to make the final warranty repairs on Jan 22nd. (I made an appointment for when the parts got there. as it is a 40 mile trip(each way aprox. to the dealership from home.) I was told that all the parts that we were waiting for (since Oct 2012) were now in and they were ready to do the long list of repairs. (Call me if you want the details)

The main issue I was having was, the galley slide was tearing off the interior water heater access cabnet door off the wall and started to tear the pantry cabnet doors off the wall, located above the water heater access door on the same wall.

This was hapening because the 2 electric motors that operate the Lippert Shwintec slide will become out of sink if you are not told how to operate the side properly.
When I spoke to the Lippert factory tech, he told me that there is a national campain to inform the manufactures who use the Schwintec slide, the proper way to use their slide, and inturn, the manufacture would then train the dealers and inturn the dealers would train the end user, the consumer.

The proper way of operation ( I was told) is for the slide button to be pushed in, to open the slide and NOT TO TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE BUTTON UNTIL THE SLIDE STOPS AND THE TWO MOTORS STOP MAKING ANY SOUND.

I was told to count to 5 after the slide stopped moving, then take your finger off the in/out button. The reason ( I was told) for this is, this slide does not have a limit switch, like most other slides out there on the market. The limit switch tells the electric motor to stop. This camper uses 2 Happijac slides by Lippert and one Schwintech slide by Lippert

In the Schwintec slide the TWO motors (one on each side in the upper corners) are controled by an amperage internal switch (control box) and when enough resistance builds up, the motors will stop.

Here is the problem I see with that system. If you do not operate the slide the exact, proper way, the motors will become "out of sinc" and then  the motors will run at a differant times or speed, thus sending the slide back into the wall crooked, thus the  interior slide trim will catch the handles on the cabnets doors and try to tear the doors off the wall if you let it and not stop the slide.

I went to pick up the camper (aprox 1/31st ) when they (ASRV&M) called and said all repairs made and the fix for the slide problem was to "resinc" the slide motors with the slide control box.
OK??? I went to pickup the camper Jan 31st at 8amish,(10 days later) and the first time I went to try the galley slide, out then in, it tore the waterheater door off the wall, again, and damaged the newly installed interior slide molding/trim.  I walked into the dealer and about lost it. I told them that the slide was still tearing off the water heater door off the wall and please fix it and I will be back later that day to pick it up.

I came back at about 2pm and the camper was not repaired and the newly appointed service manager, told me it could not be fixed and that in order for the slide not to hit the cabinet doors, that the 4 corner jacks had to be deployed to stable the camper because the camper walls were flexing thus causing the slide to hit the cabinet doors.    B.S. on that!!!!!!!!!

I then left the dealership in a "storm" and called Eagle Cap Factory warranty rep Brad Boyles and asked him if the explaination of ASRV&M service manager had any merit. He said in substance , No, get your camer out of there and take it where you want to have it fixed, I then called the owner, Scott, of a company in Bend called Coach Masters. They are a  full service only shop that specializes in all RVs but they are known for working on high end, expensive coachs. Coach Masters was then approved by Brad to do warranty repairs for Adventure/Eagle Cap. I took the camper to Coach Masters on Feb 1st, Friday.

Update: 03/16/13  The owners manual states the camper needs to be level.... nothing about all 4 corner jacks needing to be deployed to operate the slides!!!

The new cabinet door and slide trim parts got to Coach Master yesterday  Feb 27th and they said I should be able to pick it up, if all goes well, on March 1 or 2nd.
Yes you heard that right. March 1 or 2. If you look back on these posts I started these simple warranty repairs back on Oct. after only using the 2013 camper 8 times.

I hope and pray that these will be the last issues with this camper other than regular service issues.

I want to thank Brad Boyles (E.C.) of his assistance in getting these repairs done under warranty.

To end this post..
ASRV&M as dropped the Adventurer/Eagle Cap lines and have taken on Artic Fox Truck Campers and Nash trailers..... What does that tell you... If you want to know, call ASRV&M and ask for Mike Alveraze, General Manager, He might share with you the story he shared with me on why they dropped Eagle Cap.........
Call me if you have any questions.
Picked up the camper March 1st and it was repaired by Coach Masters in Bend Oregon and the slide seems to operate properly!! They also replaced some leaking LED exterior marker lights.
We will keep our fingers crossed and as soon as the weather  warms up here in Central Oregon we will take it  out for a weekend... it was 12 degrees this morning. Burr!
The camper is back in the shop (Coach Masters) for the second time after they had it from Feb 1st to March 1st. I took the camper home on the 1st of March and parked it and it sat on the truck till this past Sat. March 9th. I went out to the camper and opened all slides as I need to do something inside to get it ready for upcoming trip with it to see daughter at school in Corvallis Oregon (Go Beavs!).
The galley slide opened but would only close about 6" then stall the motors and the camper interior lights would dim badly. I opened slide again and closed again... same thing... would not close more than 6". The third time I helped close and pulled the slide in while I ran the switch and got the slide into the camper but it closed crooked again.

I dropped off camper this am and called Lippert and told them I was still having problems with slide. I also called Eagle Cap and spoke with Brad Boyles and updated him and he approved of taking camper back to Coach Masters.

UPDATE: 03/14/13  After sending a detailed email to Eagle Cap (I will post it later when I have more time) I now got a phone call from Brad at Eagle Cap telling me that they will be sending two techs from the factory to Bend on 03/20/13 to work with the techs at Coach Masters with all new parts for a Schwintec Slide and hopefully the slide will be fixed once and for-all.
Update 03/21/13
Well here we go again....
The factory techs (Yakama) showed up yesterday 3/20/13 at Coach Masters in Bend to work on the slide repair. they replaced the entire slide hardware, control box, motors. I tried it once after I went for a short drive for fuel and then back to Coach masters. It did work. I will pick up the truck tomorrow and bring it home...... Update: 04/11/13 They did not replace the slide wiring harness,

They also addressed the issue of the front of the camper not getting much heat (we froze the few times we got to  camp in it) as there was some loose vent connections in the bathroom under the sink and a vent flex hose that was too long and probably kinked.. Where the heck is the quality control.
(I will post photos of that and of the rest of  the repairs )
They were also going to put an adjustable floor register back at the furnace floor vent so you could cut down the air flow there and therefore  it would push the air to the farther away vents (bath and bedroom)

The next issue that has been needing attention since the camper arrived new at the dealer was the rear ladder.  We will see how they want to handle that, I have photos to post on that also.

I asked the factory techs to show me how I was to climb the ladder and get onto the roof rack. They looked puzzled and said "that's stupid" and agreed that there was no way to get onto the rear ladder to get to the roof without another ladder to get onto the ladder........ WOW!!!!!

(copy of earlier post)

12) Phatt Ladder option.
Not without a folding lower ladder, you can't climb the ladder as it is way too far off the ground ( 60" is the first ladder rung) , even with the camper off the truck and camper lowered to the ground with the camper jacks. I asked dealer to check into the folding lower ladder. Lance 1172 double slide mounts it on the drivers side wall of the camper. (solid wall not a slide)
The ladder on the 1165 is mounted on the rear slide and when I started to climb the phat ladder the rear slide started to move. So, I got back on my step ladder and off of the phatt ladder.

I might get "a little giant" ladder ( no I won't, as there is not enough storage room in the camper to store an extra ladder for the ladder).....  or I could get on the roof through the Heike skylight if I need to get to the Thule cargo box. (no I won't. I will get on the roof with the optional equipment I paid for when I ordered it. A ladder like the one that Chalet RV gets from Topline Mfg.

  The factory put the wrong ladder in my opinion on both the 1160 and 1165. You can not get on the ladder without a 2nd ladder.
I will talk to the dealer to see what the Phatt ladder is rated for weight before I  try to put my 240lbs on it. (it is not rated with a max weight sticker)

Update: 1/17/13  Brad at Eagle Cap contacted Topline (maker of the phatt Ladder) and emailed me back that the ladder is rated for 250 lbs. I better watch what I eat.

Update 03/16/13:  Topline Mfg. who makes the ladder that is on the 1165, 1160 also makes a folding version for Chalet RV on their triple slide and when I emailed the Eagle Cap Factory  with a picture of it to ask if their parts guy could look into getting me one their reply was in substance, "we don't stock that". There was a couple of more exchanges by email and I will post them later when I have time.
Well the camper is now home and under cover!
I tried the galley slide 2 more times and it still operated properly. Keep our fingers crossed.
Thanks for keeping us posted.
Your patience seems unlimited. . .it would be unbearable for us to have a camper that long and be denied it's use for as long as you have been denied. >Sad
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