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Full Version: Theater Seating Issues
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The problem I have with the theater seating is it won't recline at all because it's too close to the back wall. The back of the chairs is actually touching the wall when they are in the closed position. I can pull the side lever to release the foot rest which then flips completely up, but the back has no room to recline.
My question... is this the way they all are or did the factory just install them too far back?

I just sat in one 2 days ago. They are supposed to lean/recline back several inches!

Other than that are you happy with the 1165?

Good luck!
Mine do recline back as designed and work great.  It sounds like improper install as the most likely culprit, maybe an issue with the recliners themselves, I would speak with the dealer.
Are you able to pull the entire seating unit forward a few inches? A similar seating unit in our Mobile Suites had the same issue at first, but when we moved it forward a few inches it was able to recline. Give that a try.
I had the camper at the dealer for a few warranty repairs. They were able to re-position the seats forward about 1", that was enough to allow them to recline. If you move them too far forward there will be contact with the trim on the dinette slide when the slides are closed.