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Full Version: Torklift Wobble Stoppers & EC 1165/1160 Install ?
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Hello,  Just received the TL Wobble Stoppers for our 1165 and doing the install.  My question is for any 1165/1160 owners who have installed these.  My question concerns the brackets mounted on the lower front portion of the TC that provide the attachment point on the TC body.  It seems to install the plates as directed, one has to remove the bump stops, but then how have you remounted the bump stop?  I initially thought I could mount them on top of the brackets but they would prevent attaching the Wobble stoppers, so not sure just what to do?  Any suggestions and help appreciated, Thanks.
As an update I solved the problem I originally posted.  The main problem with the original bump stops was if moving them up from the original location, the front portion interfered with opening the front access doors.  My first thought was to move the bump stops above the access doors but besides the fact they would contact my truck above the bed at that height, and they could not really be secured properly.  What I decided to do was cut the bump stop front mount away from interfering with the door, yet left enough room to drill new holes for the screws.  I placed it about 13" above the bottom of the TC.  So far so good.  As a side note, these Tork Lift Wobble Stoppers were worth all the trials and tribulations as they work as advertised.  The front of the TC is rock solid, so a definite improvement highly recommended for those who will sometimes use their TC off the truck or saw horses.
I gave my wobble stoppers to my buddy with a E.C.995 and I just installed the Stable Camper front and side bars. 
My E.C.1165 is much much more stable. 
Side to side and front to back.  
Great Great product!!

Go to Stablecamper.com and if you call them ask for Jared or Candice. They are the owners and both are retired engineers.
Jared 503 750 5836