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Full Version: Going Solar - 2016 86SBS
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We are full time residents in our new (to us!) 2016 86SBS and we want to install some solar panels.  Our rig has the two solar connections on the roof but absolutely no information as to what you can plug in there.  Can anyone advise how do you connect to this.  We assume that a 100W 12 Volt solar panel can plug straight in?  Do we need to put in a regulator between the solar panel and roof connections?

We are also a bit unhappy that there is no 12 Volt (cigarette type) outlet in the camper for charging cell phones and the like when we are boondocking.  We are thinking of fitting one but are not sure where the best spot is to pick up a 12 V supply.  The logical ones would be above the radio or next to the hood fan (both must have 12 Volt supplies somewhere in the area).  There should also probably be a supply somewhere on the wall between the bed and the washroom (as this is where Adventurer would fit the 12 Volt TV if we had one) but we are not sure.  Does anyone have any ideas?
Most newer campers are pre-wired for solar panels.  But this does not include the solar controller, panels, fuses, etc.
You will need a solar controller mounted somewhere near the battery.
A popular solar panel kit (and one that I purchased and installed) is this one by Renogy: https://www.amazon.com/Renogy-Watts-Volt...B00B8L8MD2

My current camper was pre-wired for solar power but I could not find the factory wires.  I ended up installing my own 8-gauge wires instead of using the smaller factory 10-gauge wires.
Neither the camper manufacturers nor the Renogy solar kit supplies everything needed.  For example, you'll have to find your own ON/OFF switch.  (It isn't required.  Nor are any fuses required - you'll need to buy those as well.)

I'm very happy with the solar charging system and sold my little Honda 1000 (and gas can) that we previously used for battery charging.
Thanks testdog.  Interesting reading.