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Full Version: 2006 950 - slide seal replacement
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Need some help. I think my slide is leaking and thought that I should get the original seal replaced.

Is this something I can do myself or is there a shop that can do it?
It looks like it would be a difficult project.  A leaking seal for a slide has never been reported here.
Almost any RV dealer should be able to replace it for you, but for big $$$$
Are you sure that it's the seal?
Does water come in or is it staining somewhere?
The floor under the dinnette gets damp/wet.  normally toward the back but it is hard to feel very far under the slide.  On the slide seal it looks like the top back corner is cut different than the other corner.

[Image: G4WtLfpzarAUbAgD2]

Not sure why but the photo is upside down. Looks right with you open it.
Any help on what I need to do fix the gap in the seal?  Don't know if the prior owner changed the seal or if it came this way from the factory.

Thanks, Chris
(yes, the thumbnail image is upside down, but when clicked on, it opens right-side up)

That horizontal seal is torn.  It should extend all the way to the side and the vertical seal should overlap the horizontal seal.
If you look at the opposite end, it should look okay.  If the opposite side looks also torn then it was probably damaged during it's lifetime.  It does not come from the factory that way.

You might want to do some YouTube research to see how hard it would be to do a seal replacement.
(I can't think of a way to "patch" the torn seal.)
YouTube Example
Thanks, Rich

That is what I was thinking the other side doesn't have the gap.  Although I don't see how this wipe thing can really seal a slide out on the top if it get rain on it and it doesn't tilt away from the camper.  I haven't checked the angle when the slide-out if fully extended, so may be it does angle down slightly to have the rain run away from the camper.

I checked out the video and it seems simple enough.  You don't happen to know if the seal is just glued on do you?

Thanks, Chris