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Full Version: Shower curtain (why so long/tall?)
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Not sure why the shower curtain is so tall (or long..) causing it to bunch up on the shower floor  .. yes, with the curtain rod in the extended position.

I found that the bunching tended to block the drain, and leave gaps along the wall, allowing water to get on the floor etc.  

Wanted to share my easy fix in case others are annoyed by this small but irritating problem.  I just folded up the bottom, tacking it up with a hot glue gun.  Sewing would have worked great too, but this seemed like a quick fix that has actually held up great.  I made 3 folds, folding towards the outside so the water doesn't get trapped as it runs down, and leaving the weights at the bottom.  A careful hot iron also help set the folds.   

Now the curtain hangs nicely, and is just off the floor of the shower, allowing the curtain to move more easily, water to drain correctly, and it looks a lot more "finished".

Sometimes its the little tweaks Wink