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Full Version: Battery replacement
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ust purchased a Eagle Cap 950 and am looking to purchase new batteries.  No batteries came with the 950 or how they were connected.    The battery compartment states 12V batteries left on runs the jacks and the right one runs the slide.  

I assume deep cycle
were they 2 @ 12v or 
2 @ 6v ganged together.   

thanks for any info
Normally, the two batteries are connected in parallel - which means all available battery power is on-line to power any DC voltage requirement.  Not so; one battery powers this, the other battery powers that.

The battery compartment (I assume that your camper has the nylon slide-out tray.) should contain the two batteries and the two batteries should have two jumper cables, plus a red cable and a black cable coming from the camper PLUS a slightly smaller cable (or wire) coming from the camper.

The two jumper cables are to connect the batteries together in parallel.  The red and black cables from the camper are to connect to the batteries.  The smaller red wire goes to the battery cutoff switch and is connected to the battery positive terminal.

All that from my aging memory.  Perhaps someone else can confirm or elucidate on this?
Our 950 came with a single group 29.  I haven’t ever installed 2 but I think I would have to use group 27 to fit.  Only one battery is needed and there’s only 2 cables (1 hot, 1 ground) heading into the compartment on our 2007 model.  I used a Walmart everlast deep cycle.

If you go with 2 batteries, connect the camper ground to one battery - and the camper hot to the other battery +.  Then connect 2 short cables between the batteries + to + and - to -.  That balances the charging and draw from the batteries.

The sticker near the compartment says to have a charged battery to run either the slide or jacks.