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Full Version: Height of bottom of 1165 with Jacks fully extended
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I am looking at getting an 1165 and putting it on a flat bed truck. I was wondering if anyone knows what highest height of the flatbed surface can be and still back under the camper with the Jack's fully extended. 
Thanks for any input.
Not sure if this will help. We have a Ford F-350 and we can get the camper at least a foot above the bed of the truck with the jacks fully extended. We don’t ever put it that high but we could. Also, wish we would have got a F450 due to extreme weight of the camper. Air bags pop. We ended up putting on extra leaf springs and that has worked well for about two years. May have to put in more as the camper is starting to lean to one side slightly.
What year is your F350? The 2017 and newer trucks have a 14,000 GVWR. Figured with added airbags and torklift stable loads that would handle it? I am waiting for the Ford 7.3 gas motor to come out on the 2020's so I am using an F450 work truck with a flat bed to pick up the camper when I purchase it. The flat bed measures 43 inches high. Wasn't sure that was low enough.
Our Ford F-350 is a 2015. We went through 3 sets of air bags, two sets of Timbrens and then finally added additional leaf springs.
I'd like to follow up on OP's original question.....what's the height of fully extended EC 1165 ?

2020 F450 bed height is listed at 37.5"
I'm adding a 2.5" lift and 42" Continental MPT81 tires
According to the upfitter shop it will add a total of 5" over stock height
That will raise the bed height to approx 42.5" and I'm wondering if I'm gonna be able to load the camper without adding  wood blocks under the jacks to lift the camper for more clearance