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Full Version: What truck do I get?
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I am looking at buying a new 1165 but am trying to decide on what size truck to get. I am a ford man so that part was easy. I see a lot of 1165 owners with F-350 Drw, but that trucks GVWR will not handle 1165 and nether will A F-450 handle the weight either unless it is a chassis cap with a custom bed. I would love to here some feed back on what truck to get.

[attachment=395]You may be a Ford guy so my reply may not help, but I'm using a 2015 Silverado DRW with Timbrem SES and a Helwig sway bar and NO airbags.  The truck doesn't sag at all and we've hauled a 2019 EC1165  around the U.S. and have had zero problems or issues.  Handles great and been getting about 15 MPG. Good luck worth your choice....
350 or 450, whichever truck you get, you should include the cost of upgrading tires and wheels to a higher load capacity.
Alternatively there is the F550 and there are some available with a pickup bed.

Personally, I would look at the alternative trucks, ie GM and Ram.  They have stiffer spring packs.  And the frame doesn't flex as much as the Ford according to video test published on YouTube.
I'm afraid the truck frame flex puts additional strain on the camper frame - something to consider for a long term camper ownership.

From what I understand It dose not matter what you do to the truck ( air bags, sway bars, tires and etc) the GVWR dose not change. I have been looking at the F-550 and it dose not come with a truck bed, you can only get it as a chassis cab. When I talked to the ford dealer they gave me a phone number of someone that can make a bed for it. The f-350's payload will handle the payload of a 1165 only if you get it in a single cab which I would like it in a crew cab.
You are right,  the camper is over my weight and the Timbren and sway bar are only there to help with the weight. I'm just saying that it does work although a RAM 5500 or F-550 would be a lot better but I couldn't see shelling out all that money since I had something that worked for me. 
If you don't currently have a truck for the camper then yes,  go for the biggest, baddest beast you can get. I would look at that RAM 5500 though.
Our 2016 3500 GMC duramax dually and 1165, fully loaded and towing a 4,800lb trailer, weighs in at 12,100lbs on the rear axle and 4300lbs on the front.  We added airbags, Hellwig sway bar and Torklift Stableloads. 

At around 12,000, we are right at the tire load capacity and slightly over on the rear AAM 11.5 axle rating.  I “assume” there is a safety factor in both ratings, but understand we are right at the limit and try to drive accordingly.  

Truck handles fine and rides level with 80lbs in the air bags. 3 years in and around 15,000 miles of travel and haven’t had any issues.  Braking and power are excellent.  Very little side to side sway.  

There are lots of heavy campers out there on single and dual axle trucks, all of which are way over the truck’s GVWR.  To the best of my knowledge, there haven’t been issues with accidents, broken axles or suspension failures or you would read about them all over these forums. 

You have to do what’s comfortable for you, but I honestly feel very safe in our setup.   

Good luck with your search.
I ended up ordering 2020 F450
I wanted to go the F550 chassis cab route but the price of SherpTech aftermarket modular bed with all the bells and whistles was around 35K, I'm converting the dually to super single wheels to be able to air down the tires, camp on the beach and take it offroad DBL Designs is doing the conversion.
Love the Supersingles !
Ouch on the Sherptek. I was thinking like $15k was going to be tops.

Does the SS provide more payload capacity on the F-450? What are they charging for the super single conversion, anyways?
you are not getting more payload with the SS, but you get to maximize the offroad capability of dually chassis
Continental MPT 81 is rated at 7400Lbs, speed is the limiting factor (68mph) but I can live with that hauling 7,000lbs camper.
Wheels, tires 5ea, 2.5" lift, Fox shocks, gears, fenders, rear spacers(optional) speedo computer correction, labor came out to about 13G's