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Full Version: Taking apart a lithium battery
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Will Prowse does a lot of lithium battery testing and this video is both informative and entertaining:

Looks fairly hand made (per the soldering), but the cells are good - FWIW, soldering if done right is typically a preferred practice…Personally, my priority concerns would be about the BMS operation and cell quality…BattleBorn and Aims (both a bit costlier…) use metal cylindrical cells which are purported to provide a very uniform cell-build quality, and (assuming high discharge rates) their spaced-stacked configuration aids with heat dissipation…
Here's another update.  A cheap Weize battery - going strong after 18 months.
However, this not recommended.  Why?  Because, typically, the Chinese start off a strong product, and then later cut corners to increase profit.
Will Prowse would seem to agreed. Find out why;