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Full Version: Eagle Cap 1165 slide out problems - side wall cracked
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Dear Eagle Cap 1165 owners;

If you own an Eagle Cap 1165 could you please register here on the Eagle Cap Owners forum and report on the condition of your 1165 model?
How often have you used the camper?
How long have you owned it?

Have you experienced any problems with the dinette slide out?
What is your overall satisfaction with your camper?

Thank you,

G'day Rich,
Which sldeout wall is cracked?  Does it relate to 1160 model?
Sorry, read your post again, Dinette, slideout.
Have you been offroad?
Thank You, Doug
(11-18-2013, 05:56 PM)Sheriffdoug link Wrote: [ -> ]G'day Rich,
Which sldeout wall is cracked?  Does it relate to 1160 model?
Sorry, read your post again, Dinette, slideout.
Have you been offroad?
Thank You, Doug
Hi Doug,
No problems on my end.  I'm just curious about the 1165 model.
There should be a few 1165's "out there" but we haven't heard much from their owners.
We have one owner reporting an on-going problem with the dinette slide out since it was new.
It remains an unresolved issue.
I intend a detailed post about my new Truck & Camper, when my replacement charger arrives for my Laptop, that died a few days ago, which is where my photo's are. Everything is good, so far, only had it 4 weeks.    Thanks.
We drove from San Antonio to Denver to purchase our 1165 (we went that far even though there was a 'dealer' outside of Austin. 'Why?' is another discussion.) Purchased from Jay at Five Star RV. Cannot be more impressed with Five Star's service and support for the very few issues we've had. Those that couldn't be fixed by phone at Five Star were eagerly handled by Brad at the Factory. In fact, we have had several issues where our local repairman was told by Brad to 'fix it and send us the bill.' Rare in these days!

We are touring musicians who like to see the country and at times go fishing on top of the mountain too... so since July, 2015 we have been full-time in the 1165. After 6000 miles we still wake up and think that we cannot possibly be sitting on top of an F350! We are very happy with the 'liveable space'.

Ok... the ISSUES...

Slide sync - of course, but once we learned how to keep our finger on the problem and then how to resync using the controller boards, we have had no further problems.

Coleman Mach AC - well... Adventurer and every other manufacturer could have done better! We have gone through two compressor fans (shattered) and have to live with a sympathetic vibration frequency that just about drives you crazy. Coleman, it is obvious that your engineers don't have to live with what they design.

Torklift Wobble Stoppers - partly an installation issue. If you use these and we recommend that you do because they make this beast really stable off the truck, you MUST place an aluminum 1/4 angle strip on the inside of the front storage area to receive bolts and nuts. This is the spot upon which the Stopper is mounted to the body of the camper. There is absolutely nothing of any substance there - other than wood and insulation - to anchor the cleats. Simple solution after several bolts pulled through.

Stovetop Cover Falling Down - stupid design that does not stay up when you are cooking! I don't have an elegant solution yet... just a cutting board to keep the dang thing from knocking off whatever is on the stove (and yes... it is messy when that happens).

We are off to sub-zero temps and very low humidity in February of 2016 and will keep all updated with our experiences. Again, overall, very happy with our purchase.

Looking forward to hearing from other 1165ers.
My husband and I have owned an Eagle Cap 2015 1165 since October 2015. We love the ease of use and storage. We have a RAM 3500 dualie to haul it. We recently took our longest trip so far to Florida in late July 2016. There were a lot of rough roads between Texas and Destin, Florida. We had not experienced any issues until we got back home and off loaded the camper onto our driveway. As usual, we opened it up to unload and clean the camper. It was late evening and dark. I did not realize the slide with the refrigerator and stove had tilted down under the refridgerator and the wooden front piece had gouged the linoleum. Upon opening it, it pulled the linoleum up and back under the wooden front piece like a banana peel. I was horrified to see this once all three slides were open and I was able to get inside to turn on the lights. We are currently in the process of trying to trim the torn strip and get it glued back down to match since we did not have any extra linoleum to cut the torn section out and replace it. The next day we noticed the a/c was not cooling so my husband got up on the roof to check it. Once he opened it up, he discovered the fan had a blade broken off and the whole motor and fan assembly had come loose from the bolts and was laying on it's side. I Google'd the fan part number and discovered there are many who have had an issue with Coleman Mach 8 a/c fan blades breaking as well as coming loose from the bolts. I am going to call as recommended on one post and request a replacement kit. The third issue is the a/c flow to the bedroom. We are "hot" sleepers so rarely can we close the privacy curtain.
We own a 2015 Eagle Cap 1165. This is more of a "tip" than a report of any problem.

The Eagle Cap slides are powered by motors made by Schwintech. From everything I've read about these motors, the bottom line is that they are not dependable. They are not the best quality Eagle Cap could have used and they are prone to failure.

There are two motors on each slide. In my past life, when I actually worked for a living, part of my job was to identify and correct issues know as "single points of failure." The Eagle Cap slides are just that! A failure on any of the 3 slides, in the OUT position, will strand you where ever you may be parked. If this happens close to an Eagle Cap Authorized Service Center your solution is hopefully a phone call away and a few days wait time. But if you're in the Yukon, or Alaska or the mountains of Montana, you are pretty much screwed! Get used to your current environment because you'll be there for a long while awaiting service.

So, to help prevent this "single point of failure" from occurring and ruining our vacations, we (my wife and I) have developed a simple procedure to "help" the Schwintech motors do their job. Simple solution. Take the load of the motors when extending or retracting the slides. How? My wife operates the switches and I, on the outside of the camper, either pull or push the slide with all my might, to take the load of the motors. I do as much of the work as possible to allow the slides to come in or go out. Simple. So far so good. And yes, as I push or pull on the slides, you can actually hear the strain on the motors decrease substantially.

And for those of you who are the handiest of handymen, thinking that you can just "unlock" a failed motor to free up your slide for manual operation, good luck! Getting at the motor's shank pin that needs to be pulled out is almost impossible. And if you should be so lucky to actually disengage the motor and then find about six able-bodied strong men to push your slide back in, you'll have to reinsert that pin into the motor's shank to lock it in place for road travel.

Yes, a manual crank system would have be a nice feature but I'm sure Eagle Cap opt'd not to install one for profit's sake.

Single Point of Failure! They are abundant in the Eagle Cap 1165. Look for them. Find them. Develop an alternative. You'll be a Happier Camper!
We have the 2014 1165. Bought it new and have not been impressed with the quality. The dinette slide periodically clicks and I have to unplug the two white connectors next to the manual crank and then plug them back in to get the slide to work.
The tv antenna doesn't work. Screws are falling out on the stove. Awning didn't work and I found the wires in the bathroom wall were preloaded and wrapped in electrical tape without caps or crimps. Water pump wires are preloaded. Ear plugs and sawdust were all over the underside. The list goes on. My next camper will not be an Adventurer.
Hey Rgodfrey4! Are you saying that you have "manual cranks" for your slides? Really? We do not, or at least there's none that I know about! Where are your manual cranks located? It would be a big relief if by some miracle, my 2015 Eagle Cap 1165 had manual cranks for the slides. Would relieve a lot of anxiety!

With all due respect Coffeethecat, when you spend $50k on a camper you shouldn't have to help the slides in. The engineering and quality should be much higher in my opinion.
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