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Full Version: battery charging
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Well, I have been so far unable to find a portable battery charger capable of 15.2V in order to get a good equalization charge for desulfating my 2 6V 232AH batteries. They are a little over a year old and I keep it plugged in all the time when not in use (camper stored in a shop). I notice when I unplug from shore power, the battery monitor shows about 12.7V (down from 13.2V when plugged in and in storage).

We are getting ready for our first of several trips (4 days at Wallowa Lake) and will be monitoring the voltage...but think they may be too sulfated already...I know I need to equalize them a couple of times a year, but the PD converter/charger with charge wizard can only reach 14.4V...not high enough for the 2 six volt batteries..

Any suggestions?

Google is my friend: 4.5v - 16v desulfator
The have it on Amazon.com and claims a shipping weight of .5 ounces !!
Can that be true? Let us know what you find.
thanks Rich for the link. I hadn't thought about a desulfator! I have been looking for a charger that would be able to do this...this may be a great option. I have sent an email to the manufacturer with some questions and look forward to the response. If I end up getting it, I will report back as to how it works..It would be nice to have these batteries last several years, afterall I regularly check the water levels (watering system) and leave it hooked up to shore power when not in use...

fingers crossed!