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The Warranty Myth - coffeethecat - 09-03-2015

It all comes down to the following when purchasing a truck camper:

- Always buy from a local dealership. If you ever need "warranty" work, your purchasing dealership will be your best option. It won't be a good option but it will be a place you can go and demand service.

- Always - ALWAYS - find a qualified independent RV technician to inspect your targeted truck camper from top to bottom, side to side, inside and out and all systems. Do not purchase any truck camper that has ANY issues until those issues are remedied completely. Never accept delivery with a promise to fix a defect later on.

- Never buy new (unless you have very deep pockets) and are prepared to take a 25-35% depreciation hit as soon as you leave the dealership with your new RV.

- Do not, for one minute, think that your truck camper will be the exception to the rule of quality construction. It won't! The RV industry is notoriously burdened with zero or poor production line quality control procedures. RVs are designed by engineers that for the most part, have never used or spent one day or night in an RV. And those engineers are typically those who don't have the best engineering skills set. They are mostly clueless. Field testing of RV products, their function and practicality, is non-existent.

- Know that the RV industry plays on your emotions to sell their rigs. They are selling you an image. They are selling you a dream of care free travel on the American open roads with absolutely little intent to support you. The RV industry counts on RV owners taking responsibility for most if not all repairs - personally. This is how they keep their warranty costs to a minimum. And when you do require "professional" service on your rig, you will be facing the loss of use of your RV for weeks and months because ALL dealerships are overloaded with claims. Why? Zero to poor quality production control.

- Be prepared to perform most of the required maintenance on your rig. You cannot depend on your purchasing dealership to fix common warranty items unless you want to be without your RV for most of the RV season. You MUST be a handyman or woman, to own and operate a truck camper. For that matter, all RVs, Class A, B, or C fall into this category. Be sure to leave space in your rig/truck for a large assortment of tools and gadgets that you'll need to keep your camper on the road.

- Protect yourself against disastrous RV system failures. Sign up for a Road Side Assistance Plan with a company like Coach-Net. They are the best. They get the best reviews. Good Sam's gets the worst reviews.

I don't take any pleasure documenting the realities for those looking to purchase an RV, whether it be a Class A, B C or Truck Camper. The despicable lack of RV production quality controls, poorly engineered structures and systems all very quickly lead to a complete burn out of that American dream of cruising the open road in a care free manner.

Be smart. Buy right. Buy once. Protect yourself. Understand that you are buying into an industry riddled with poor quality engineering and the worst service records.

Detach yourself from the allure of RV'ing and treat your purchase as a common business transaction. Do your due diligence. Have your targeted RV unit inspected by an independent technician and enter the world of RV'ing with proper expectations.

There's so much you as a buyer can do to ensure you're making the best purchase possible given how stacked the deck is against you.

Take your time. Do not believe ANYTHING an RV salesperson tells you. Confirm all claims yourself.

You'll be a much happier camper as a result.

Happy Trails.

RE: The Warranty Myth - admin-rich - 09-05-2015

(09-03-2015, 05:38 PM)coffeethecat Wrote: An RV company that really cared about their customers would have an infrastructure available to dispatch mobile remote HELP to customers that paid the price for “high-quality, high-end, high-priced” RV equipment. This is not Eagle Cap.
Firstly, we should put the Pre-Delivery Inspection document as a sticky and hope that potential buyers read it before buying any RV.

It's been like the "Maytag Repairman" around here.
But the forum is usually the first place that one sees a customer complaint.
Even though it could be considered disparaging, your post is welcome.

The way component warranties work in the RV industry follows these lines:
Manufacturers typically rely on the individual components warranties (fridge, stove, microwave, genny, air, etc)
If one is located close to a dealer, then it would be the dealer that would provide help.
Otherwise, one contacts the component manufacturer for help. YMMV

Speaking of dealers. . .one should always perform a through PDI - Pre-delivery inspection.
Usually, the dealer will walk the buyer through each and every component to insure that it is operating correctly.
Slides, air conditioning, heater, oven, fridge, etc. . .
The buyer should insist on a PDI
Here is a PDI document checklist produced by an Eagle Cap Owner (circa 2007):
Pre-Delivery Inspection

Hopefully, you will get your camper issues resolved soon with minimum difficulties and let us know.

RE: The Warranty Myth - coffeethecat - 09-05-2015


RE: The Warranty Myth - coffeethecat - 09-14-2015

Follow-up Report:


RE: The Warranty Myth - admin-rich - 09-14-2015

Maybe the Lance Camper's policy should be examined more closely:
Quote:"We also have road side emergency services available for all of products. If your slide room gets stuck and you are unable to move it, you can call for a mobile dispatch. For anything that would prevent you from going down road, just call the 800 number and someone will come to help you."
Truck Camper Magazine Sept 8, 2015

RE: The Warranty Myth - coffeethecat - 09-14-2015

Is the Lance service plan something that anyone can purchase or is it just for Lance owners?

RE: The Warranty Myth - admin-rich - 09-15-2015

(09-14-2015, 07:18 PM)coffeethecat Wrote: Is the Lance service plan something that anyone can purchase or is it just for Lance owners?

I only read the article. I speculate that it is a third party service, probably through Good Sam Club or some such thing.
With thousands of camper models in service, how can one hope to get good warranty service from a third party service? Probably third rate service is what to expect.

In the last ten years there have only been two companies that offered anything remotely close to what you expect. SnowRiver owner (Bob) made service calls to keep his campers properly repaired. And Mony Penn, former GM for the old Eagle Cap company also made field calls here in the Pacific Northwest.

But it's totally impractical for any RV manufacturer to offer field warranty service IMHO. If Ford, GM, Dodge etc. expect one to bring the vehicle into a service facility for warranty work, then one would might consider purchasing a vehicle from a nearby location.
Otherwise, as your post suggests, the warranty is worthless.

RE: The Warranty Myth - coffeethecat - 09-15-2015

This topic is no longer relevant as written.