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Newbie - Nunya - 12-24-2015

[attachment=162] Drove over to Whitehorse and picked up a 86fb after doing a lot of research on TC's. Truck is a 2015 Ram 3500. Hardly notices the extra weight. I installed torklift tie downs, bigwig, and fastguns. Haven't spent a night in it yet. Hurry up spring!

RE: Newbie - Zack - 01-07-2016

Why wait for spring? Congrats on the new TC! There are lots of great places to go and see during the winter months. It's called an Adventurer for a reason

RE: Newbie - Oniva - 02-23-2016

Quick question wanting to know what everyone uses to support camper when stored?

RE: Newbie - Flyfisherman - 02-25-2016

I keep my camper on my truck in an RV lot. I extend the legs to take some weight off the truck. Truck campers are perfectly capable of being left on their legs for storage. I would recommend lowering the camper to its' lowest level to minimize wind pressure and stress on legs.


RE: Newbie - Oniva - 02-26-2016

Thanks Flyfisherman....if you need your truck like I do; do you then just leave it on its legs or do you support the front part of the camper say with a 2x6 supported on each end? Thanks again for your knowledge
Cheers Newbie (Bob)

RE: Newbie - Flyfisherman - 02-26-2016

Assuming you don't have an unusual amount of weight in the cabover section, there should be no reason to add support to that end. The center of gravity is well behind the "tip-over" point even in a high wind. Many people take their camper off once at a camp site, lower it, and then camp in it and sleep in the cabover. No problem. If I need the truck for a couple of hours, I just release the happijacks, raise the camper, unplug it, and drive away. If I need it for a couple of days, I will lower the camper all the way. Cheers

RE: Newbie - Oniva - 02-26-2016

Thanks again Flyfisherman great information to know. I'm sure I will have more questions down the road.

RE: Newbie - Nunya - 03-01-2016

Here's how I store mine

RE: Newbie - Oniva - 03-01-2016

Thanks Nunya that looks pretty good . I will be off to the lumber store soon.

RE: Newbie - Travels with Yoly - 10-01-2016

I have been told that it's not recommended to "live" in the camper if it's supported exclusively on the jacks. If it is lowered to a base support and secured, then it is ok. (floor resting on level surface). This is my rolling platform I've constructed for a previous truck camper and it works just fine for the 80RB. The front Tee support is carpeted and just adds a little insurance to prevent tip-over.