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Kitchen Storage?? - F450EC1165 - 04-23-2016

Brand new 1165 here, just trying to find a place to put everything.
I'm looking to hear what others are doing for storing coffee cups, glasses (16oz pint size), plates... etc.
I think I can fit my pots and pans into the drawer under the oven.
I'm also finding it very difficult to access the area under the sink, especially the left hand door side (I'm 6' 4" tall, 250lbs).
Right now I'm really missing the overhead cabinets that my last TC had.

Any help or advise will be appreciated.

RE: Kitchen Storage?? - sawbones - 04-24-2016

I ordered sliding shelves for two areas The first was the closet to the left when you enter the 1165. I put a full extension shelf with wire racks to place food and other kitchen items. We still have plenty of other space for our clothes etc. Secondly, I installed 3/4 extension shelf under the lower part of the sink area. It is much easier to access now. Here is the company I used - http://www.kitchenshelves.com/basic_shelf.htm

RE: Kitchen Storage?? - F450EC1165 - 04-24-2016

Thanks for the ideas and the link, do you have any pics of your mods?

RE: Kitchen Storage?? - Rgodfrey4 - 09-01-2016

I went to Ikea and bought some of their kitchen cabinet shelves and made storage shelves in the rear coat closet.

RE: Kitchen Storage?? - southerlytide - 09-07-2016

is the picture right side up the closet is 4" just trying to see how they fit EC1165?