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Medicine Cabinet Cure - admin-rich - 08-18-2017

The medicine cabinet contents get jumbled on some, if not all, trips.
My current camper is even worse because the cabinet is up high.

So after dinner last night I started a mock-up organizer out of cardboard.  I cut a template and fitted it for size.  Then cut a backer and dividers.  Then tried out my travel sundries for "fit" and marked the space they would need on the cardboard.  
Lastly I hot glued everything into place and tried it out.  Perfect fit!

It was still early evening and I had some "Coroplast" left over from another project.
So, I cut the Coroplast to the sizes need and hot glued it together and tried it for fit. 
It's kind of crude, but it's up high and can't really be seen.  The Coroplast is feather weight light, so no real weight addition to the camper.

Hope someone can use the idea - and maybe improve upon it.

The cardboard mockup is in back.  The Coroplast in front.
(click to enlarge)

And as installed:

RE: Medicine Cabinet Cure - Hemi Joel - 11-26-2018

Great idea, I'm going to do it. Thanks