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Furnace 2006 950 - d_smith84 - 03-19-2018

I need to access the furnace in our camper. It's a 2006 950 with 1 slide and I cannot see anyway to get to the furnace without having to remove the refrigerator. Wrote Eagle Cap without success, searched here and the Internet and have yet to find a solution. Has anyone serviced their furnace and if so how? Thanks Dan

RE: Furnace 2006 950 - d_smith84 - 03-22-2018

Just for future reference for anyone needing to know. The refrigerator has to be removed to access the heater. Under the frig. Is a piece of 3/4" plywood sealed with chalking and held down with 4 screws. Once removed easy access to the heater.

RE: Furnace 2006 950 - admin-rich - 03-22-2018

Thanks for the how-to tip! Smile