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995: General Advice - thejat - 09-16-2013

Folks, looking around, I think the right camper upgrade for me is an Eagle Cap 995.  I have a couple questions for owners
[list type=decimal]
[*]Do you have any regrets in getting a 995?  This is a completely open ended question.  It could pertain to quality, design, missing features, un-needed features.
[*]The camper,of course,has a sticker inside that shows its actual weight.  Have you found that to be accurate?

Re: 995: General Advice - Curahee - 09-30-2013

We really love our EC 995. Got it in April 2012. We are a family of 4 with two growing kids 14, and 11 and it can be tight when sleeping inside (usually only in bear country the kids sleep inside, one on the dinette bed, one on the floor, otherwise they are outside in a tent). Love the dry bath and shower, and the storage in the closet in the cab over bed area. I would have like to got the fold down bunk option and rear awning, but other than that am happy with the design.

For things I would like to see done differently: the battery box could be bigger...had to take the sliding tray out to fit 2-6V batteries...but I did put in the watering system which makes maintenance in that tight space a breeze; i think the EC for this price should always come with slide topper and passenger side awning...I had to add these; I thnk they should put in the 2 speed furnace/fan for lower battery consumption when boondocking; I think they should put Atwood round jacks on the EC instead of the Happijacs: noisy and stability.