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Factory mod for our 995 - Curahee - 06-14-2014

I want to say that I had a good experience working with Brad Boyle of Adventurer in Yakima, WA. I had them convert our U-shaped dinette to the face-to-face "dream dinette". We also had them add the fold down bunk option which goes above the dinette. Great options and the DW is very happy as well!

My daughter is chomping to use the bunk to sleep when we are in bear country and my son can sleep on the dinette that now uses the table as part of the bed. We like this way better than the round table because when we travel I put the table on the bed in the cabover and then have to reinstall....then at bedtime, if the kids sleep in the camper (they usually sleep in tents), I have to stand the round table on end in front of the refer....quite a pain. Now we just pull the lever and can lower the table for travel or making the bed...without having to remove/store it. Plus its easier for the 4 of us to sit at the table and eat while inside.

I'll post some pics tomorrow while we are loading it up for the trip.

I'm glad Adventurer has added the space and staff to work on warranty repairs as well as other modifications/repairs as well. The only possibly negative thing I heard while at the factory is that they combined their production lines for Adventurer and Eagle Cap campers...they used to keep them separate and had dedicated staff for each - likely allowing the workers to really get to the know each model real well, etc.

Brad was a class act and I recommend any of you working with him if you are within commute distance of the factory.


RE: Factory mod for our 995 - timonbik - 06-15-2014

My 1060 has the standard face to face dinette. As I bought it used I didn't have a choice, but we would have really liked the wrap around dinette. Theatre seating would be a definite improvement over the semi comfortable sofa as well. But sometimes you just can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Cheers, Tim

RE: Factory mod for our 995 - Curahee - 06-15-2014

I agree, theater seating would be nice, but we found the U shaped dinette a little onerous with 4 of us. If it was just the wife and I, it would have been fine. I still have all the parts, cushions, etc to convert to a U-shaped dinette...not sure if I am going to keep them or try to get rid of them...taking up room in my shop..