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No I have not used it. This weekend is the first time since the factory dropped it off on Jan 14th 2014. Central Oregon winters are kind of long around here.
Dropped it off at the campground on the Crooked River last night to save a spot where the inlaws are camping. We will go out tonight after work and camp for the weekend.

I truly hope it is fixed properly and we have no other issues with the camper.  As my wife and I said, we think the odds are now in our favor that if it was to break or be a problem it already has.
Keep our fingers crossed as we love the floorplan of the 1165.

We used it this past weekend for two nights, but only took it down the river about 15 miles from home on some BLM campgrounds on the upper Crooked River.
Everything worked and nothing broke!!!!!

On the 16th we will travel to Oregon State in Corvallis Oregon (about 150 miles each way) to attend a 3 game series against the Washington Huskies. Beavers are #1 and Huskies #2 right now for the PAC 12.
We will keep our fingers crossed! GO BEAVERS!!!!!!!

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