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1165 modifications to my new 2014 model
I just purchased my new 2014 Eagle cap 1165  4 weeks ago on 3/7/14 and have made these 42 modifications that some may find useful:

-changed the 12v batteries to 6v batteries
-added 2 additional 6v batteries in front of the water tank where water pump was(now have 4 batts(416 Ah)
-relocated water pump to other side of water tank
-Installed profill units to all batteries
-Installed winegard satellite to roof (acquires satellite in 90 secs with 400+ channels)
-Installed pure sine wave 400w inverter in  wardrobe closet to power 110v directv box
-installed Directv dvr for recording shows when away and bluray player in closet
-programed direct tv remote in the rf(radio frequency)mode so pointing remote at tv not needed
-pulled new composite AV cables to both tv?s from dvr  for watching satellite shows
-added articulating arm to dinette tv
-added ? Extend a Shower rod ?in the bathroom to extend the shower curtain out
-added a towel rack on the wall above the toilet
-changed the  entry door obscure non-see thru glass to see thru black tinted glass
-added HotRod unit to water heater to make it electric also
-added victron battery shunt meter above slide switches to monitor all current draw/voltage status and SOC%
-Installed 465 watts of solar power(4 panels) for max of 28 amps input at peak sun intensity
-Installed a Zamp ZS-30a  digital solar controller on wall under dinette tv
-Installed surepower battery combiner under sink to auto disconnect truck battery when stopped and charge when driving
-Installed battery select switch for  battery1 bank/battery2/both batteries or off
-Installed 300 Amp terminal fuses on all batteries for safety
-Installed Xantrex 2000w true sine wave inverter in rear cargo hold  with 2/0 cables
-Installed remote on/off inverter switch next to the generator start switch under dinette tv
-installed 150 amp resettable circuit breaker to  inverter
-Installed 3 dedicated outlets just for the inverter on the Island and the pantry wall
-wired white led backup lights with switch  to use as area lights when camping
-welded 2 genuine onan mufflers to generator to substantially quiet the generator
-added additional white sewer hose holder behind the original holder
-remounted toilet paper holder inside bathroom sink door
-mounted stainless steel handicap handrails on roof to grab when climbing up on the roof
-mounted low profile storage pod on roof
-added removable folding aluminum steps by Hijacker to original black steps which look clean and are stable
-replaced Dometic frig  control box with a Dinosaur brand Box(needed for new eyebrow)
-replaced Dometic eyebrow with newer model manual temp setting ability(1-5)
-added remote digital frig/freezer thermometer(shows temps w/o opening doors)
-added clear lexan piece to rear cargo wall to allow visualization of level of water
-changed out loud stock Dometic frig outside cooling fan to 2 quiet valtera fans

-I have a 2013 chevrolet Silverado dually 4x4 and I wanted my backup camera to show up on my gps screen like it does when the tailgate is on.What I did  was go to  the dealer and bought just the camera  that mounts in the tailgate and made a clean box to mount the camera in. I then mounted it on the rear slide where it looks like a factory install.Now I have a high resolution color image on my dash navigation screen when backing up.

I also added BigFoot remote controlled hydraulic levelers to my truck frame so now I never need to carry blocks to level my rig

On your solar hook up, did you use the existing 12V solar plug on the roof?  If so where did you locate the wires to install a solar controller?  My 1160 has a marked receptacle on the roof but have no idea where the feed runs?  Any help would be appreciated/  Thanks,  Tim
2012 EAGLECAP 1160
you're making me feel bad...I've owned my 995 two years and have only done about a dozen mods! Great job. Some pics would be nice.
2016 Lance 1172, loaded with most options (formerly 2012 EC 995)
2012 RAM 3500 DRW, 6.7L DSL, Ride Rite bags, Rancho 9000s, Upper StableLoads, TL SuperHitch, ties, and Fastguns, Helwig Sway bar
2004 18ft Lund Fishermen
2004 Wrangler
What! No sub-woofer for the entertainment center?

Just kidding.  The generator muffler mod is great.  I hope that you will post some pictures of that one.
Nice work!
On my solar,I used the stock thru the roof connector but in the wardrobe closet I cut and spliced new 10g  pos and neg wires and brought them up the dinette wall to the controller and then directly to the battery.I wanted a secure connection directly to the battery.
Hello Grady,
You post
"-added removable folding aluminum steps by Hijacker to original black steps which look clean and are stable"

Are you able to post a photo and a manufactures model and or part # of these steps?
My 1165 I have 20.5 inches to the first step. Do the added steps disconnect easily?

Thank you for your time.
Rick Christensen
Prineville Oregon
The manufacturer is hijacker. I purchased the three-step model on Amazon. The steps remove in about 30 seconds using a stainless steel 1/4-20 bolt and wing nut.Pix enclosed.  Craig

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Thank you very much for the photos!!

What is the distance from the ground to the top of the bottom factory step?

Mine is 20.5 inches.
I wonder if I need a 2 or a 3 step???
I am 22 inches because of my Torklifts.You will want the three-step model. It will work at different heights by making the steps a little closer or a little farther apart from each other as it telescopes.Be sure and butt it up against the lower step before drilling the single hole for the bolt so it wont rotate.It actually is very stable. My wife was concerned about being able to get up the steps on a secure platform and she has no problem now

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I also added the HighJaker steps with the AllTerain adjustable legs. I mounted the bracket under the step. With the steps removed the whole assembly folds up as normal.

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