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Weight numbers for our new 2013 1165 triple slide.
More info on our new 2013 EC 1165 as listed by the options that were ordered with it, and some of the design problems of the camper as used in the real world, camping in it. The reason for this feedback is for the factory to make a good camper, a great camper!!!!!

"Were never satisfied until Good is Better. and Better is Best"
-Erdman Epp(Founder of Adventure RV)

"We here at ALP are focused on maintaining the Eagle Cap Truck Camper tradition as the world leader in premium truck campers. Eagle Cap, Like No Other"

Please feel free to call me for more feedback or questions. We studied truck  campers for  12 solid months, 3 factory tours and subscribed to 3 owners forums asked questions before we ordered the E.C. 1165
541-598-5455  Rick

Greg at Eagle Cap Factory was very helpful in educating me during the  one year study of truck campers.  For that, I Thank you Greg!

We have now camped in it for 8 nights over 4 separate weekends (deer camp and Walton Lake) and here is what we came up with so far... I will add to this post as we get more information .

Options and/or Problems:

1) Awnings: Awning toppers 1165 option sheet showed 3 awnings for $900 plus. Make sure you are billed for 2
If you order the large wall awning you will not get an awning for the refer/oven slide. Both a slide awning and a large awning will not fit.

Large Electric Awning: YES Great! Still would like a optional slide awning topper on the refer slide. Would keep the leaves and snow off the slide without having to use the large 10" awning.

2) 100 watt Solar: Do not order it from factory if you do not want to climb over the queen bed, open the main wardrobe closet door, push aside your clothes that are hanging, and use a flashlight to look up into the corner of the closet just to read your solar meter. Why in the heck did they put it there?? I still do not know.

Royal pain and I even told the factory when we ordered the camper (after reading a post "First camping with 1165" by  canadian forum member aakoksal ) that I wanted the solar meter in the kitchen and they still put it in the wardrobe closet and the factory response was when we (dealer and I) called them on it was " Rick, I told you we don't build a custom camper" That Pissed me off!!!
I hope the factory will "own" this poor design and change it for the future 1160 or 1165 owners who order the solar option.

UPDATE: April 2014: Looking at some new 2014 models of the 1160 and 1165 it looks like the factory has moved the solar panel gage/meter to the outside of the master wardrobe closet so you have to now climb over the bed to read it.
WOW! Do these people at the factory camp in these units?? Put the meter with the rest of the gages and monitoring tools in the kitchen.......So you can read it at a glance......

"Were never satisfied until Good is Better. and Better is Best"
-Erdman Epp  (Founder of Adventure RV)

"We here at ALP are focused on maintaining the Eagle Cap Truck Camper tradition as the world leader in premium truck campers. Eagle Cap, Like No Other"

I had to have the dealer completely re-install the solar option. The camper was upgraded to ZAMP 150 watt w/ 30 amp controller, (Zamp Solar in Bend, Oregon & All Seasons RV & Marine were awesome to work with, to help fix the factory caused solar issue.) and the system is now up-gradable for more solar panels by just plugging them into existing harness. Now the meter can be read from the kitchen area like the other meters and gauges. Not the bedroom closet!!!! "This RV is now Powered by Zamp Solar".

3) BBQ quick disconnect:  YES very handy! You will have to do some mods to use your regulated table top grill. The factory quick disconnect is run through the camper regulator which makes it it low pressure from tank pressure and then the tabletop regulator = not enough pressure. Call me if you have problems and I will walk you through it.

4) AC with wall stat: Yes Great!

5)  Fantastic fan: I would not again as the fan the factory uses is the bottom end model.(Create a Breeze). No reverse. Camper is wired for a fan. I  have  already upgraded this option to the better model of the Fan-tastic-Fan with reverse, the second weekend we used it..

6) Water filter on kitchen counter:  Yes Yes Great! We now drink lots more water!

7) Generator : Yes Yes with the Onan Command 30 Option.

8) Standard Dinette table: Camper short on counter space already and the u-shaped dinette option has a smaller table. Ordered the standard dinette option and it drops to a bed with the pull of a lever. Easy!
NOTE: With the U-shaped option, when you make the bed down where do you store the round table and pole?

9) Added a privacy curtain/track to divide the kitchen area from the bathroom/wardrobe/ bedroom on forward for wife to get ready and dressed and still have privacy if others are in the camper. Reversed the swing of the bathroom door for a bath/dressing suite effect.  Works great!!!!

10) I ordered 2 after market 12 volt  LED 1080p TVs , Naxa 24" w/ built in DVD for kitchen area. 22" Supersonic LED w/ built in DVD for the bedroom.  Great and we or the kids can watch different movies or the same movie on both TVs through the upgraded Jensen Model #975 Stereo/DVD player.  GREAT GREAT!!!

11) Jensen Stereo/DVD:  No to the factory option Jensen Model # 970. IT IS NOT IPOD READY / WITH CHARGING CAPABILITIES. ORDER A JENSEN MODEL 975 if you want that. Factory may say, "Rick, I told you we don't build a custom camper" !!!!
I  special ordered  from factory a Jensen pod shelf (matches the stereo) and was ordered for it to be placed under the stereo, stacked like Lance does. They put it above the stereo, Not where it was to go.

With the E.C. stock Jensen stereo, the MP3 plug-in is on the front bottom right of the stereo front face plate., E.C. mounts the I pod shelf above the stereo, so now you would have a patch cord dangling down over in front of the stereo function/controll buttons and knobs. Mine now, with the Jensen 975, I can run my patchcord behind the wall and out from the back of the Ipod shelf.  (much cleaner)

Just go look at a Lance with included patch cord and then the stock E.C. stereo set up. Lance is a much cleaner looking set up in my opinion. That is why I ordered  mine in writing for the Ipod shelf be mounted on the bottom of the stereo, and it is now mounted a few inches above the stereo.. Not what I ordered! This is now an option they are using on all E.C. ordered with the stereos starting 2013 model year.

12) Phatt Ladder option. Not without a folding lower ladder as you can't climb the ladder as it is way too far off the ground, even with the camper off the truck and camper lowered to the ground with the camper jacks. I asked dealer to check into the folding lower ladder. Lance 1172 double slide mounts it on the drivers side wall of the camper. (solid wall not a slide) The ladder is mounted on the rear slide and when I started to climb the phat ladder the rear slide started to move. So, I got back on my step ladder and off of the phatt ladder. I might get "a little giant" ladder or get on the roof through the Heike skylight if I need to get to the Thule cargo box. I will talk to the dealer to see what the Phatt ladder is rated for weight before I  try to put my 240lbs on it. (it is not rated with a max weight sticker)

Update: 1/17/13  Brad at Eagle Cap contacted Topline (maker of the phatt Ladder) and emailed me back that the ladder is rated for 250 lbs. I better watch what I eat.

]Update 03/16/13:  Topline Mfg. who makes the ladder that is on the 1165 also makes a folding version for Chalet RV on their triple slide and when I emailed the Eagle Cap Factory  with a picture of it to ask if their parts guy could look into getting me one their reply was in substance, "we don't stock that". There was a couple of more exchanges by email and I will post them later when I have time. It is interesting to say the least.

05/26/13 UPDATE:  I now have a folding Topline ladder on the back of my camper and can climb the ladder without an extra ladder.  Factory took the old useless ladder off and installed the new folding ladder using the same mounting holes  Thank you Dave Frampton ( E,C, factory general manager)
Update: Factory now puts the hinged ladder on 2014 model year 1165/1160 if you order the ladder option.

13) Maggie Rack:  Yes as you can put storage pods or solar panels on it (Like Lance does.) Watch the overall height if you want to store your camper in your shop as my camper, on a stock height GMC 3500, is very close to 13' tall!!!!( Top of AC to ground) Need a 14' shop door.

14) Propane storage: Very, very, poor design, knuckle buster, as it is a royal pain to get  the heavy #30 tanks out to refill and you cannot see the regulator switch over knob. Need a sliding propane track like the Chalet  RV uses.  (only about  a $225 retail price increase, well worth it) The sliding rack will add 1.5" to the height (per Mor/Ride specs) of the tanks so I am going over to measure the height of the compartment and will report back.....
Update: will not be able to fit a sliding propane tray......  not enough room.

15) Battery Compartment: To small to install (not tall enough) for 2- 6 volt golf cart batteries. (Dry Camping) Dealer had to remove the compartment door and trim ring to get the 6 volt batteries in and reinstall the door and trim ring. Also you might want to put a Pro-fill on the batteries to put water in the batteries at this time, as it is about $90 w/ bulb) Should also have a Mor/Ride slide track for easy access, this would require a larger door and compartment.
Update order your with a larger Battery door.... they don't want to loose an order over Chalet.

16) Deep scratches on two walls by the factory workers not being careful when building the camper. There was one on the bedroom wall and one above the stove. Covered the bedroom scratch with an extra magazine rack from factory and for the one in the kitchen, we are thinking of stamped copper backsplash behind the stove on the wall. Will wait to see how the factory will want to fix it.  Not a "cover stick" it is too deep of a scratch!!!

17) Scratches in the island and table counter tops upon arriving at dealership: Dealer will buff out the scratches.

18) Carpet kit : Not again from factory, The first carpet kit did not arrive with the camper. It was shipped to the dealer after the camper arrived. When the carpet kit arrived it was upside down when you laid it down on the floor---The soft carpet was facing down and the carpet back was facing up to walk on.  Got the reordered carpet kit and my thought is that it fits poorly and does not go into the bath or kitchen areas or up tight against the walls or island.... I know some people would not want it in the wet areas but we would, as we are very careful and would throw a bath rug down over the carpet and would do the same on the kitchen area.
Lance does a very nice job on this option and their carpet kit fits nice and tight covering the entire floor. You would not know it is a "kit". I would have  carpet kit  made by my local carpet guy that made one for our home in front of the wood stove. Carpet kit will keep camper a little warmer.

19) Diamond Plate Riser:  Yes looks great and I would think it would stiffen up the basement walls.

20) Fold down bunk over dinette: Ordered it for resale value only, if we sell the camper & the new owners have children. Our girls are grown and gone but will camp with us once and awhile. They will use the dinette bed and or throw a foam pad and sleeping bag on the floor in front of the theater seating.(Note the dinette bed is not a full 6' bed, I think it is around 66")

21) Entry door needs a gas door prop (Chalet RV & Host RV) to limit the door swinging open too far into the refer slide and damaging and denting the door and or the slide. It comes from the factory with a "friction hinge" door hinge option, but have experienced already, the hinge is NO Match for a windy day. The door or slide will get damaged!

22) Heikie Skylight:  Wife and I love it.... Stars and moon at night. Cool!!!!

23)  Both my wife and I think that it would be great if the factory could put a small/medium skylight in the kitchen between the island and the range. With no window on the refer/range slide of the camper, it is dark, even when using the LED light for the pantry/stovetop/under sink cabinet area.

24) Folding steps: When camper is on the stock height GMC 3500 it is a very tall first step(21") from the ground to the bottom step of the camper. Standard step height on the steps are 8" from each step. Is there a portable step to attach to the bottom step of the 4 step factory steps?
Every single person that climbed into the camper said the same thing.... "wow that's a big first step"! (look at the log round in the picture)

25) Camper Jacks:  (In May 2012) I spoke with the E.C. factory, and the Rico Titan rep  before we made the 1165 special order,  to see if our camper could be the first E.C. with Rico Titan jacks. I told Greg we wanted to order a 1165, but did not want the Happi-Jac corner jacks (rated for 1900 lb  each) I wanted the Rico Titan corner jacks (rated for 2400lbs each jacks.

Factory came back with, "Rick we can't do the jacks, we don't build custom campers." engineering won't let it happen. Come on!!! Look how much weight the camper is and look how much we are spending here $$$ and I was told while on the factory tour, " E.C. is the highest end camper made on the market. today"  If so, give me the best/highest rated corner jacks. I asked for the tank less water heater to cut down on the weight. ( look at my weight post) " Rick, we don't build custom campers" I am going to put a tank less water heater in our camper

Update: Oct 2012: front drivers side corner jack is already making loud noises that the other 3 jacks don't make. We will see if warranty puts a new jack on it???????

Update: 5/26/13 I now have the new Happi-Jac 4800 corner jacks with a rating of 2500lbs each!!!!

"Were never satisfied until Good is Better. and Better is Best"
-Erdman Epp  (Founder of Adventure RV)

"We here at ALP are focused on maintaining the Eagle Cap Truck Camper tradition as the world leader in premium truck campers. Eagle Cap, like no other".

I would like to stress:  THAT WE like OUR NEW CAMPER AND  EAGLE CAP HAS THE BEST FIT AND FINISH OF ANY OF THE CAMPERS WE STUDIED (Arctic Fox/Lance/Chalet/Host) . My thought is, if you are spending this much money and you are ordering it special, why not work with the customer to get them what they want. I would have paid for all of these upgrades, I did not want them for free. I am paying for them now. It would have been "cleaner" done at the factory.

E.C. had the best price if you shop around for a triple slide. Best floor plan with the island kitchen.

As I stated earlier in this post, this feedback is to make a good camper, GREAT!

All Seasons RV & Marine in Bend Oregon had a great price and best service.

Please note that the dealer, All Seasons RV And Marine in Bend, Oregon were the best, no pressure sales, and everyone there has the BEST attitude of "keep the customer happy", and to just do the "right thing", before and after the sale.  Great people!!!!!!!

The camper manufacture seems to have a more of a, "watch our profit" view on customer service , other than  how to make our customer happy and keep them happy ( after spending $40 to $50 grand) like the dealership does.  This is my opinion. A happy customer will buy another one and refer a new customer to buy one.

My dad who had 2 masters degrees in business, used to say to me when he owned our boat dealership (1946-1996) that, " the customer is always right, and without customers.... we as a business do not exist"

So far, most of the pre delivery repairs/factory screw ups have been done/repaired at the dealership before the delivery of Sept 14th and now we have camper back into the dealership, for a list of  issues that need to be addressed under warranty repair work. These issues came to our attention during the "shake down trip".
Update: Read my posts about the kitchen slide issues.

I will keep you all posted on how these warranty repairs are handled.........

Update: See post about warranty parts dated Dec 5th

Please see my other post about weights:

It is a very heavy camper, but that is the price we pay for the size, 3 slides and options we have, after downsizing from a 36' class A motor home with full basement. We went this route so we can take our 22" Custom Weld whitewater jet boat with us or our trailer with 4 wheelers/dirt bikes.

WE like OUR NEW E.C. 1165 so far!!! WE will keep you posted !!!
Rick & Julie Christensen
Prineville Oregon

An Email from Zamp Solar Manufacturing Owner Michael Zamp:

Thank you Rick for all the kind words! The time and energy you have invested in getting your Eagle cap exactly the way you want it will benefit all that follow in your footsteps. Zamp Solar and our future EC customers thank you.
If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me directly at Zamp at
Thank you for purchasing Zamp Solar!

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