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Weight numbers for our new 2013 1165 triple slide.
Quote:I purchased a new 2017 F350 and EC1165 in December of 2016.  The truck is a 6.7L diesel 4X4 long bed with a 3.55 limited slip rear axle.  This truck has a 46 gal fuel tank.  The truck GVWR is 14,000 lbs, the GAWR rear is 9,900 lbs and the GAWR front is 5,700 lbs. The truck, unloaded with full fuel and front seat passengers and tail gate removed is:
8,700 lbs, with 5,100 lbs on the front axle and  3,600 lbs on the rear axle.
The camper, is an EC 1165 with a "build your own" weight of 5,198 lbs and a wet weight of 5,918 lbs.  When mounted on the truck with some gear, the gross weight is 14,520 lbs with weight distributed,  4,720 lbs on the front axle and 9,800 lbs on the rear.  Due to the camper CG location, 380 lbs comes off the front axle and is added to the rear axle.  
These weights are with no water on the camper.  Loading 40 gal on the camper, the total weight is 14,850 lbs, 10,120 lbs on the rear axle and 4,750 lbs on the front. To keep
the load on the rear axle within its rated capacity, the water load would need to be limited to 12.5 gal.  

I have put on 9800 miles with the camper and have
averaged 11 mpg  driving between 60 to 65 mph.  
This is a combination of mountain and interstate miles including some extremely tight mountain roads. I had lower Stable Loads added to the suspension which essentially eliminated some porpoising due to the aft position of the CG on the suspension.  
My opinion of the camper is that it is an outstanding product.  Something that would be helpful would be more information related to maintenance issues.  
Ken Dawson
Future owner

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