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pick up Eagle Cap 1165
Hi everyone,  the wife and i left Brookings Oregon Monday to Colorado to pick up 2014 1165, we both fell in love with it. We have had big campers before Host double slide, Okanagan 117UT and we have a 38' Fifth wheel we are down sizing from. So we went thur six states, snow, hail, rain, and 40 mph plus winds in Wyoming with the camper.  The truck did great thur the whole trip in fact my wife was in the cab and asked if i had loaded the camper yet because she didn't feel the truck go down.  The truck is a 2012 F-350 dually diesel long bed 2wd camper package.  Like i said the truck did great event in the winds in Wyoming with the camper never did i feel that i was in danger and needed to pull over and wait it out. So the real story is weight, I know some of you are running 1 tons with this camper and my truck has the bumpstops over loads and the lower torklift, air bags, Rancho 9000 front and rear shocks and Heilway sway bars.  The tires are Firestone Transforce A/T  load 2910 @ 80 psi.   I knew I was going to be over weight by 500 to 900.  But on the way back i stop at a Love's to get fuel and thought what the heck let's put it on the scale and WOW I was surprised! Mind you I said the truck did great thur all six states!!!  Here are the numbers......  GVW 14840  Rear axle 10,200  Front Axle 4640.  Truck Rating  Gvw 13380  Rear Axle 9,000 Front Axle 5250  Cargo 5168     So I am total Gvw 1540 over and rear 1200.  The weight of the camper was 5760  Cargo of truck 51687   sum of 592.  Anyways I notice that some of you run 1 tons are you this much over?  I just looking for some simple infor.  Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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