Slide/Floor issues??
Maybe. We are in the "exploration" phase with our 2004-05 EC850. The floor under the slide has sagged some, and there is a small crack in the side of the base unit nearby the fridge vent. The slide now sits, when closed, about 1" from the top of the base side, but is tight at the bottom. A very tiny amount of light is visible from the inside when closed at the front end of the slide.

Our Cappy is at the shop right now and hopefully within a few days I'll have a picture as to what they think. Fortunately, no water leaks in when it's closed (at least is hasn't yet and we just drove it through a couple of days of heavy rain). None leaks at all when open as it sits properly in position.

Of course, ours is an Intermountain and they are long gone, so any cost to repair is on us. Given what we've seen of new modelsĀ I'm of a mind to pay for the repair vs. buying newer, but am still hoping that we can do both and upgrade regardless, if I can be convinced that current quality is generally better than what we saw in that post.

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