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Truck for 995
Hello everyone,
My wife and I just purchased an Eagle Cap 995. Originally, we were looking at triple slides. Our plans were to spend 5 years or so traveling around the U.S. and full timing in a camper. We are skiers so we wanted something that would also work well in the winter. At any rate, we were at Barber RV in Ventura, CA looking at their campers when we went into the 995. One if our requirements was a dry bath and the 995 has a dry bath. As we were in the camper, the manager announced that he was greatly reducing the price because it is a 2013 and he wanted to move it. It is completely set up and has everything we wanted except a solar panel. My wife is very impressed with the camper and still plans on spending months at a time traveling around the country.
Our only problem at this time is that we haven't bought a truck. We are considering  a 1 ton Ford or Chevy diesel. Does anyone reading this have any recommendations?

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