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Truck for 995
Thank you to everyone who replied. My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a Ford F350 diesel dually. Hopefully, we will sign the papers this week. We are waiting on getting the color we want. The dealer who sold us our camper says that a 1 ton SRW is fine but my wife is insisting on a dually. Safety is her number one concern, and I agree. After we get everything together we hope to start going to meet ups, etc. My wife is from China and knows little about the US. However, I taught her to ski and she is in love with America and everything we do. She wants to spend as much time as possible in the camper. Originally, we wanted a triple slide, but the 995 seems to be all that we need. We'll see.
Thanks again! I'll repost when we get ready to travel. As a veteran with 100% disability, we can stay at US and Canada military RV parks, so we will definitely be going to those places.

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