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What is right camper for F350 SWR 4x4
I am looking for a new camper for my 2012 6.7L Ford F350 SWR 4x4 truck. It is the crew cab 172" total length It has the 11300# GVWR package . I see that the for specs that maximum weight I can carry for that truck is 3130 lbs. This is confusing to me because the GAWR  front is 5600 and rear is 6730. I guess math would tell me that equals the GVWR 11300. I also intend to tow a 20 Ft Alumaweld Intruder as well. Which Eagle Cap camper would be the safeest/best  one. We love the new 2013 EC 1160, but afraid too much camper for us with out dual rear wheels.

We also like the Adventurer 910 FBS, but if we could swing the 1160 I would love to.

Any suggestions?

A good camper fit for the truck that you describe without any modification would be a 950 sized camper.
That said, the truck tires are the real weak link in your current setup.  Some TC owners upgrade the tires to a heavier truck style tire rated for a heavier load.

The 1160 would still exceed the truck's GVWR
There is an argument that exceeding the GVWR is okay provided that neither front nor back axle is overloaded.

There is also this government reference:
(As found on the British Columbia government website: )
  • The camper, when loaded on to the pickup or when you tow a trailer behind the pickup, can not exceed the manufacturer “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating” (GVWR) or the “Gross Axle Weight Rating” (GAWR). The ratings can be found on the driver’s side door post.
There are 10 provinces in Canada and 50 states in the US with multiple laws and interpretations- what are the chances that an over the GVWR will be illegal?  It depends. . .

That said, it's always better to be within the GVWR if at all possible.
If I were to find my rig over the GVWR I would hope that it would only be a matter of draining off all the fresh water to bring it back into compliance. 
Rich, after much deliberation and cussin' and discussion, we have put a deposit on the EC 1050 with an optional U shaped dinette, wiht the Cedar fabric inside. We will be outfitting the truck with Armstrong ride rites with compressor and cab gauges for each side, so we can air up the camper if we need to adjust the ride or tilt from side to side. We are going with the Torque Lift system because I still have nightmares from an old camper that had the side wing tie downs which cause damage to yours truly one night, after a few adult beverages.

I liked your advice about the stock tires on the truck, so I am heading to Les Schwab for a look see on that issue. Carole and I will most likely not have water in our tanks while traveling, as we do not do boondocking very often. So with some attention to weight issues, I feel that the truck will handle the boat and dual axle trailer, tongue weight of about 400 lbs measured.

I have two more questions that I was hoping you would answer. what type of turnbuckle system do you suggest to use with the Torque lift, and the truck has a sprayed on bedliner, so should we have a rubber mat for the camper as well?

Thanks for your assistance!

The Fastgun tiedown brackets are the way to go and is money well spent.

I also have a sprayed on bedliner and it does require either a rubber mat or foam board - to prevent scratching or camper movement.
My current rig has a 4x8' rubber horse stall mat in the bed.  (Purchased from Wilco farm stores - it is VERY heavy - probably a hundred pounds).
I'm entertaining the idea of replacing it with some 1-inch thick extruded high density foam board and would spot glue it to the bottom of the camper.  My things-to-do list first is extensive, the mat works, so foam replacement won't happen anytime soon.

Congratulations on you purchase decision.  It should provide a lot of adventure and enjoyment. 
The road is calling. . .

Mike and Carole...we have a tc now and are thinking of a new one. I have studied the ec 1050 for a couple of years. I like the rear kitchen set up, seems to open up the camper (at least in lance product) but have been unable to check out the 1050 in person due to living in Indiana. Can you please give me the reason you chose that one other than just to match weight with truck.

Thanks in advance.

Believe it or not, Mike and Carole in Indiana (mine with an e too)
We sure love our 995. The huge dry bath makes you feel like you are in a much larger RV. The craftsmanship has been solid and the factory very helpful ( and even did some warranty work for us recently). I don't think you can go wrong in an EC camper. Good luck with the 1050.
2016 Lance 1172, loaded with most options (formerly 2012 EC 995)
2012 RAM 3500 DRW, 6.7L DSL, Ride Rite bags, Rancho 9000s, Upper StableLoads, TL SuperHitch, ties, and Fastguns, Helwig Sway bar
2004 18ft Lund Fishermen
2004 Wrangler
The EC 1050 is an overload for the F350, however, if you have duals it will be doable if you don't worry about true GVWR's.
We have a 2011 Gen II EC 950 and fully loaded for say a month trip it is well over the Weight Rating for our 2012 F350 with 11,500 GVWR. I installed Timbren Overloads as they are so much less hassle compared to Air bags. Had those on my past two FORD Super Duties. Remember just because you add 5,000 lbs capacity with air bags it doesn't mean the truck is rated for that load. Always keep in mind Dry weight vs. Wet or Loaded weight.

Happy TC'ing
Gary and Laurii
Stanley Idaho
2011 Gen II Eagle Cap 950
Custom Built in La Grande Oregon
2012 FORD F-350 Super Duty XLT Super Cab 4x4 6.7L Diesel with lots of stuff
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