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Weight numbers for our new 2013 1165 triple slide.
I have the exact same truck that you have with a 2014 EC 1165. I also have the Super Truss and pull a 26' Rogue Jet deep V that goes 7000#. The Super Truss does drag so I added the rub wheel. Works great. The dealer installed the 7 pin plug adapter on the bottom. Bad idea. I moved it to the top and now no problem.

You will want the stable loads and airbags. Stable loads take out all of the sway. The air bags help level the load. I run 25# of air with camper only and 45# with boat attached. I have driven this entire rig through the mountains of Southern Oregan and over the Sierras on both highway 80 (Donner Pass) and highway 50 (Lake Tahoe). This rig will pass most anything on the highway. I have added the Gail Banks system to the truck which adds more horse power and torque.

This is a great camper. Heavy yes, but not a real problem if you do your homework. rjchristensen's post is right on. I asked the factory to modify things on the camper and received the same answer so I am now doing it myself. High end battery charger, solar controller, Lance type expandable shower curtain rod(Adds lots of shoulder room in the shower), light in cabinet under the sink.

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