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EagleCap 1165 - New Purchase
I'm picking up a new 2016 eagle cap 1165 in two weeks, and I'm very excited.
Because I had this truck camper in mind, I purchased a truck to handle it.
I bought a 2015 F350 DRW Lariat 14K lb GVWR, with Max Tow package, and camper package.

----If you're looking for a new TRUCK get the Max Tow Package, this provides the F450 front axle and more importantly, the improved turning radius. This thing turns sharper than my 2012 F150 that I sold. The only part that sucks about this package, is that it forces you into 4.30 gears. This means your mileage goes down, Its not my daily driver so its not that big of a deal. I'm getting between 12.5 to 14 mpg with the 4.30 gears this means the truck is rated to tow 35K lbs.

I just swapped out the factory sway bars for a Hellwig set (front & rear) in anticipation of the weight. It changes the ride, but its not too bad. I'll let you know how the truck rides with the camper...

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