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Electrical overload problem using generator
I blew a fuse running the generator with microwave and air conditioner running. Checked gfi in kitchen island and bathroom. No electricity to either gfi to reset them. I m stumped. Main circuit breaker does not appear to be blown. Any ideas? Hoppy

Just tried one more thing--I found a reset button on the generator itself outside and we r back in business. We have much needed AC on a hot TX night. Hoppy
Here is a summary of the blown generator event. I have a 1165 2016 with a Chevy dully. I pulled in a Walmart parking lot for the night. I turned on the generator and AC to start the bedtime cool down. I then started the microwave to make popcorn. After about 30 seconds the generator fuse tripped. I had to reset a circuit breaker outside on the generator itself. I had asked at the dealership if it had enough power to use microwave and AC at the same and was told it was OK. Moral of the story is not to use both AC and microwave when using the generator--unless you want to get redressed and go back outside in the rain to reset it. Hoppy

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