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Newbie's First Mod
First Mod - Having just purchased an 850, I was concern about protecting the electrical system before taking our first road trip. After reviewing a number of post by other RVers, I choose a surge protector manufactured by Technology Research, Inc. Next was to make a decision if the unit should be hardwired or portable – considering the cost of the unit and my forgetfulness (leaving the unit on the electrical pedestal when we pulled out of the RV park), plus the thought that the unit might grow feet during the night and find its way to someone else RV, a 30-amp hardwired unit was purchased.

Next was to find a location to mount the unit – found a space left of the water pump and the side wall. As luck would have it, the 120V power cable was right there – cut the cable and connected the input and output to the unit. The only disadvantage is when power is first applied to the 850, there is a two-minute wait period while the unit monitors the incoming voltage before energizing the RV.
Next mailing address will be General Delivery - somewhere.

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