Nature's Head composting toilet
Has any one changed out the toilet to a Nature's Head composting toilet or any composting toilet? It looks like it will be a tight fit and would appreciate any guidance.

I see this is an older post but I am a new kid on the block here and your post caught my eye as we have just purchased an Eagle Cap 1165 and planning to install a compost toilet.  Sorry to see no other responses to your question, but I guess no others have done it.  I am interested to know if you did it and how it went.  We are planning to install an Airhead Compost toilet and from my research, there is no reason it cannot be done.
Regards, Bruce, Lin An, Kenji & Suki
2015 Ram 3500 TD DRW CC w/AISIN Tranny 3:73 Gearing
Eagle Cap 1165 
Installation was easier then I would have guess.
The fit isn't noticeable tighter. 
Glad we did it.

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