2017 eagle cap 1165
(05-11-2016, 08:53 PM)Chris Fisher Wrote: What upgrades do they add to a 450 vs a 350 suspension wise?
It depends on the year and model of the 450, up through '07 the 450 was only available as a medium duty cab & chassis truck (different frame than standard truck and no box).
Since '08 Ford has offered 2 different 450's, a standard 450 with a pickup box and the medium duty 450 cab & chassis.
The newer standard 450 has the same GVWR as the 350 (14k), but because the 450 comes with a much larger (and heavier) rear axle and 19.5 wheels/tires, the 450 weighs more than a 350, so ends up with a lower rated payload capacity than the 350. I think the DRW 350 and standard 450 could have the same springs.

My 2006 450 cab/chassis has a 16,000 GVWR, a rear axle rating of 12,000 and front axle rating of 6000. I also have the Kelderman 4 link/4 airbag rear suspension on my truck. The F load range tires are rated 3640/3415.
Going by the GVWR the EC1165 will put me close to or slightly over, but will be well under the tire rating.
Picking up my 1165 next week. Looks like I need to add onto the exterior steps. Has anyone found a aluminum, scissor 3 step thats 24" wide?
Thanks for any help, Chris
Just got back from our first trip with the new camper. All went very well. With the upgraded rear suspension it handled perfectly. It hauled a loaded camper along with my 24' Hewescraft Ocean Pro over donner Summit without the motor or transmission exceding 210 degrees. Pretty big loed and 57' 4" long.
One issue, my Dometic 2852 refrigerator has a noisy cooling fan motor. Any suggestions on a replacement? Should I add a second one? If I add a second will the existing wire pair run both? Thanks for any help, Chris

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