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We have an 2014 Adventurer 910DB that we purchased this summer and have been having a great time with it. One of the things that I noticed when we bought it was that it a quick disconnect fitting for the LP gas just below the tank compartment.

My wife and I are completely new to campers of any kind so we have spent most of the last couple of months just trying to figure things out and establish a routine for ourselves. Well I finally for around to looking at the disconnect valve and noticed that it was on the regulated side of the pressure regulator. I did a little looking on line and was excited because it looked like I could order a 6 foot hose with a quick connect fitting on when end and a 1 pound propane bottle threaded coupling on the other. I figured that we be perfect for our little coleman stove and I wouldn't have to mess around with those silly little propane bottles anymore. So I ordered one up and took it with us on our last outing.

I was really disappointed when I could barely keep a flame going on our stove, with the valves cranked all the way open. Looking at it I figured out the problem quick enough. I am going through two regulators, the one on the camper, and one on the stove.

Does anybody know of a fitting that I can connect to the grill that would allow me to bypass the grill's regulator or is there a stove out there that people like to use with that quick connect fitting?

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The external propane outlet is regulated pressure. And that has been a long-time problem with all manufactured campers since day one.
As you know, propane stoves, grills, campfires, etc all have their own propane pressure regulators. And two pressure regulators in line simply does not work.

There are two solutions that determined camper owners have developed to cope with this problem. Neither solution is happy or easy.
One method is to install a take-off outlet before the camper propane tank regulator. This allows full pressure to the extension hose line.
The second method is to cut off the grill regulator and install a straight connector.

Installing an outlet before the on board propane regulator could (and probably does) violate DOT rules. One should understand how propane tanks and regulators work in the event of a crash or turn-over before making modifications.

Cutting off the grill regulator just seems like a bad idea. The grill becomes a dedicated camper grill and can't be used more than a few feet from the camper.

In fact, some camper manufacturers (I think Eagle Cap is one) have eliminated the external propane outlet. It's a nice idea but virtually worthless.

Lastly, there is at least one propane grill made without a regulator and designed to plug into the camper external propane outlet. We looked at that grill at a dealer and thought it was cheap and flimsy. No sale.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
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I bought a marine BBQ for mine. It has the option of either high pressure feed with its own regulator, or low pressure feed with only a valve. The changeover is not convenient, so it lives as a dedicated unit that hangs on to the ladder when in use. I also have an outdoor stove that tees of the main tanks on a long hose. This is the simpler option. Were I to buy another camper I wouldn't spend the money on the quick-connect.
The Weber Q grills have a regulator that simply unscrews. Have been using mine for years with the quick disconnect on side of my unit with great results.

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