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sat tv
can someone tell me how to connect my sat dish and receiver to the tvs in both forward bunk and dinette area I have looked in the space behind panel in bathroom ( no joy) also this past weekend I stayed a campground (running from hurricane) and they had cable I connected it to the hook up but no cable help EC1165 2016
When you hook up to park cable, you need to switch the coax connection at each TV. For the dinette TV, inside the top panty door (upper left) there is two male coax connectors. Unscrew the coax and reinstall to the other male connector to allow the park cable connection to feed through to the TV. For the bedroom, the double male coax connection is right by the TV. Now, you'll need to go into the menu on the Jensen TVs and select 'cable' instead of 'air' then allow the TV to do an auto search for channels.!

Regarding dish or DIRECTV satellite - unfortunately Eagle Cap completely ignored this option in the prewiring on the 1165. Your best option is to run a HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV directly. I plan on putting the receiver above the closet in the bedroom (using an RF remote), then running a 25' HDMI cable into the wall by the bedroom TV, down to the basement, then up into the wall where the stereo is installed. From there, it can be plugged into the dinette TV.

Hope this helps!

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