New to truck camping
Going tomorrow to pick up our newly purchased 2015 Eagle Cap 1160 camper here in Western Washington! Big Grin After reading some of the interesting topics and advise, I thought this would be a good group/site to join. I might be asking advise as the wife and I get acquainted with our new purchase, which will be mounted on our 2005 Chevrolet Silverado LS 3500 Duramax DRW Crew Cab (w/ modified suspension). More to come...
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! We'll be anxious to hear your reviews of the 1160! Best of luck!
Hey we made it! Actually I had no worries, as the truck carried it and drove like a dream! Now I've got it off the truck in the driveway and am loading and outfitting it with all of the equipment and provisions (keeping everything as lightweight as possible). Has anyone found the need to purchase a fabric camper cover and if so, where did you find one for your 1160? Huh

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So, still haven't taken the new rig out (still a slave to the time clock - ugh) but am interested in installing a back-up camera. As my '05 Chev does not have a camera, I'm thinking about a complete system from Rear View Safety. Has anyone dealt with them before?
Been looking at the 1160 for my 2006 F350 DRW Diesel. But when adding up the weights it looks like I would be maxed out or over on my GVWR. The RV Dealers are more then willing to sell you one. But I just see possible problems with the weight issue. Anyone weighted your truck after loading to see where your at with gear and supplies? Seems like if you were stopped and weighted any where that could be a major ticket and pain.
Allnfun, congrats on your 1160.

Do you have an overall height measurement with it on your truck ?
Yes, measured out 12' 8" (154") and I have that printed out and taped to the dash (for those pesky low bridges and overpasses)... ExclamationExclamation
Congrats on the camper. We picked up our new 1165 a couple of months ago. The back up camera you mentioned is nice but expensive. We've gone though a few back up cameras due to damages in parking lots, trash can running amok, kids, etc. We now just pick up the $50 ones from Fry's (or Walmart). But we only use it for solo hitching of boat or service trailers. Having a screen that we can put away when we aren't hitching is nice for us. The truck camper has one built in with a separate screen. I guess it all depends on how you plan on using it.

Let us know what you decide.
Congrats, Thats a mighty fine camper no doubt about it!... it'll be our next one if We ever outgrow our 2009 995...
We picked up our new 1160 about a month ago.We love it,but it is heavy.Been doing some up grades to my truck,think I'm about there. panhead,Chelan area

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