Thinking about an 1165
I would be very interested to hear how you feel you ruined your EC!  Do tell!
(10-10-2017, 04:21 PM)Flyfisherman Wrote: I would be very interested to hear how you feel you ruined your EC!  Do tell!

Its a long story and involves everything that can be done wrong.  
That tale deserves it's own topic.  The wifi connection here in Stovepipe Wells is too slow to begin that journey.
It will have to wait.
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For the pantry area just inside and left of the door, I installed pull out racks from Container store.
We have not traveled yet since the install, but soon will. The cost of the units was less than $200,
but as of mid Dec 2018, they were 30% off.
I tried to attach pictures, but was not yet successful at that.
Paul R
Can you post a few pictures, we are also thinking of doing the same thing.
I am 3 weeks into my new 2019 EC 1165 (got it at a closeout discount). I compared the Host - Mammoth,  Lance 1172, and the EC 1165 side by side at Toms Camperland in PHX. I preferred the floorplan and quality of the EC over the other two. I live in CA and a few weeks prior went to a dealer in Lancaster, CA where they are built to look at a new Lance 1172. There were no others to compare it to at the time and my first real venture out to seriously look at campers. It was just a disappointment to me. Weight for what you get, only 2 slides (I want elbow room), and the quality just didn't seem to be there. The salesman mentioned that the generator was pretty noisy too. I thought maybe my expectations were too high after all I am an aircraft airworthiness inspector. After my visit to Toms, the EC 1165 was my preference and the dealer made me a deal I couldn't refuse. So far I have camped out in my front yard and slept well. A few glitches but nothing serious. Looking forward to my first real camping trip. Salesman at Tom's were not pushy and I had good service and response from the warranty department for the minor issues.
Great to hear all that. We did EXACTLY the same thing you did before purchasing. We went to all three Tom's  stores and went through each camper with a fine tooth comb. Our maiden voyage was a week after we purchased it and went from Colorado to the east coast and back (5400 miles) and zero issues. A lot of compliments and people on the east coast never saw a truck camper this big before. I hope you enjoy   yours as much as we enjoy ours..
P.s. who was your salesman? We dealt with Doug and he was great before, during and after the sale.
I bought a shelving rack from Container store and installed it in the pantry just inside the camper entrance door. It works extremely well for food, chips and plate storage.      

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