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A HUGE, HUGE, heartfelt thank you to the admin for starting and proliferating the new documents library. This is a wonderful asset for all owners. A tip I would suggest is for owners who are missing a manual, or have all their manuals conveniently located at home in a drawer, to download and store the applicable manuals on their iPad/tablet so that they are available when we are camping without wifi or cell signal. 
The addition of a documents library increases the value of the forum a hundred fold. If every EC owner could consider letting other owners that we stumble upon while camping know of the forum, it will increase the forums value even more.
Thank you again, Admin.
2015 EC960
2014 Ram3500 DRW
2015 Mobile Suites 38RSB3

Have had horrible luck with the Schwintek slide system, and received horrible warranty service from Fraserway RV. 
Thanks, I will be adding more as time permits.
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