Problem with Ford's 6.7 discovered
It's been awhile since I perused the diesel forums but it didn't take long to discover a that there's a recurring problem with the factory turbo hose known as the "intercooler pipe".
It is part of the emissions control system and as such should be covered under Ford's 100,000 mile warranty.
Even so, if you ever had the turbo hose "pop" off the old 6.0 diesel, you know what a disturbing explosive noise it makes followed by an immediate loss of power.  And leaves you stranded.


Apparently, the plastic pipe can break where it clamps to the manifold.

Note: this is not the "hot-side" and was a typo on their original thread located here:

And these are a couple of sources for the upgrade kits:  (not cheap)
AKA: testdog

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