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I guess i get to ne the first
We bought a 2018 1200 lat month. We where having a hard tome deciding between the 1160, 1165,  and the 1200. We went to Apache camping center in Tocoma Wa.
  They had all three set up side by side. We spent about 5 hourslooking at all three
 We really didn't like the bath in the 1200,  but after all the pluses like, king bed (with storage underneath, dual access to the bed(easier to make up also) all the cupboard and drawers,  the extra outside storage in the kitchen slide, the kitchen layout, and the open floor plan made it my wifes faverate.
 We really liked dealing with Apache, both Chuck in Portland and Dan in Tocoma are great people. Along with cheyanne in the office.
OMG!  This thing is insane.  TC Magazine reviews the EC 1200:
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The 1200 is slightly ligher than the 1165, with a 1.5" better COG.
It's apartment in the bed of your truck insane!
2003 Dodge 3500 DRW 4X4 6 sp 4:10 Larimie
2017 EC 1200
2017 Thunderjet Alexis OS
We are looking to get the Eagles cap 1200 hopefully this year, we now have a 5th wheel that we like, But we want to down size now that the kids a grown up, But I was wondering how you like your 1200 ,  how does the truck you selected handles it on the open road and off road, we are looking to get a gas F-350 this time, not sure if it’s pays off to go diesel again, Plus the extra weight is good.

We looked at the Host Mammoth and the Eagles cap 1200 together, some things we like with the Host better ,and something we liked better with the 1200 , we found the only thing we didn’t like with the 1200 , was the shower, but not a deal breaker. We like the duel  access to the bed and the open layout as well, 
Not sure if I would go with the table, may go with Sofa bed and reclining chairs , Have you using your new 1200 much yet ?, Is there any pointers or  suggestions about want to put into it as of options ,As if you had the change to do it all over again ,what would you suggest, Same goes for you truck selection,
We are still very happy, but won' get any long trips with it  this spring. There is a Eagle Cap Facebook page that has a good gollowingI, you might look for it. 
 For us the extra storage made up for the bathroom. I have no regrets.
We have a 2017, we have it on a 2017 gmc Denalli  HD3500 Dually. I ended up putting a set of airbags on it as well, they are a pretty heavy unit, and I found it floated around a fair bit with just the regular suspension. The unit is set up great for two people. We love the table and chairs, leaves lots of space. We actually pulled out the theater seating and had a pull out couch made rather, for the odd time that it is needed. My only suggestion would be a rear camera on the unit that can be left on when traveling, with the size of the unit, even with extending mirrors, you have no clue if there is a vehicle behind you withing 10 car lengths. good luck.
We also went with 1200 .. shower was almost the deal breaker. But for reasons mentioned way better.  We changed shower heads and ran a Velcro strip to keep shower curtain secured to wall.  We have stayed approx 50 nights here and there and love it..we had a 2008 eagle cap 995 that was incredible but with 2 dogs and soon to be living in it while building a home we went bigger
I love this unit but it is not the same quality  as the 2008
 However Brad at Eagle Cap has been awesome to work with 
We're looking at the 1200 or a Arctic Fox 1140. 
The truck we have is a 2017 Ram 3500 drw 4 door 4 wheel drive long box with air suspension plus Torklift tie downs.
I like the 1200, wife is more for the AF 1140.
How well will the truck handle the 1200?
With the 1200 on the truck how hard is it to enter the camper?
What other items should look into  (extra steps)
We have a KZ Venom 4114TK toyhauler now.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Hi there glad you asked..  The 2 that you are looking at are like apples and oranges.. we had the single slide 995 before and it was great but still had way more kitchen than your 1140.  The king size bed and the  entry from both sides was a huge reason for getting this one.  It does feel like an apartment in the back of a truck...  we got the couch instead of the theatre seating (big storage drawer under couch) and it was a great choice.  absolutely love our camper.. We have people approach us at camp grounds because it transforms into such a kool unit.  
We have a 2016 truck just like yours and it does great.  
  The water gray black etc storage are similar with the 1140 and the 1200.   We have dry camped a few times and it did great..  I can't say enough about the Eagle Cap camper.  Like I said earlier the quality isn't there as in the older Eagle Caps  (we had 2008).. But the warranty guy Brad Boyles is incredible to work with and fixed our minor issues.
   We have stable loads and the air bags made it better..and we have glow steps from tork lift that go all the way down.. but most of the time use a plastic 2 step ..
  I know that the bathroom can be a turnoff....but seriously how much time do you spend in the bathroom.  The amount of storage is also off the charts.. I looked at your current rig  and downsizing is going to be huge.. don't know how much time you plan to stay in your camper but I never feel crowded with husband and 2   50 lb dogs.

Good luck   Both are good choices but we are  Eagle Cap fans  plz contact  if you have more questions..

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