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I guess i get to ne the first
What Truck did you go with to put your Eagle cap 1200 on , Did you
have to put in air bags or add a helper leaf spring to improve your ride with at kind of weight , I was going to order a 2018 F-350 4x4 crew cab gas engine ,  (Gas only because of the diesel weight ) But first a have to sell my Diesel f-250 truck and 5th wheel, So I have some time...
But I see now Ford is putting a 10 speed automatic transmission in there midd year 2019 - 2020 supper duty's, Not sure if it's going to be standard or a option though , But there saying it's going to be  better fuel economy and better torque then the 6 speed , (It was developed together by Ford and GM) Being that we are looking in 2020 to travel all of the US for about 4 to 5 years as it being our home , Fuel economy is a big plus...
Plus we don't have any camping trips setup for this year Sad because of other travel plains , I can wait for the august release of the 2019 10 speed ,( I just hope it's worth the wait ) But... now I hear that Eagle cap is making some changes for there 2019 model year..  Sad
I hear they are putting carpeting in the bathroom area and getting rid of the dinette table, I wasn't sure about getting the dinette table and chairs  , But I'm not into the carpeting in the bathroom,
I would rather put a throw rug in there if it's needed ,

 I hope you get out a lot this year, A lot of spring and summer camping with your new Eagle Cap 1200 ,Fall is a great time as well ... Keep us update on the performance of your truck,  how it handles the 1200 , and how you like the Eagle cap 1200 , It's pros and cons .....
We have a 2016 Dodge 3500 dually that handles it great.  We did put air bags on just to be able to adjust the ride. Depends if we are towing a jeep or full of water etc.  
We have the table and the couch in the other slide..
Not real wild about the idea of carpeting in bathroom we use a throw rug for that area and another around the toilet. We travel with 2 dogs and I put their water bowl in the shower and sometimes they drip. On the rubber backed rug  it is no big deal and obviously with getting out of shower etc.  
  We love the camper and tons of room  Enjoy your summer
Ours is on a 2011 F450. ALL the weight of the camper goes on the rear axle. I even loose about 100lbs on the front axle with the camper on. I would strongly recommend driving an f450 before you buy a 350/3500. Even though the f350DRW and the f450 have the same GVWR the f450 is much more truck and is de-rated by ford to stay out of the class 4 cormercial truck class. The F450 has a larger tear le and larger brakes and 19.5 tires and . It also has a 5' SHORTER turning circle than the F350 (and the competition) 
 You will be over your GCVW when the camper and your family are fully loaded i a crew cab truck.  It is just a fact we all live with. Thed good thing is the trucks GVWR is not used for legal max  weight o
I. The lower 48 states.
I looked into the F-450 and the F-350 Diesels , The problem with them both is the GVWR and the weight of the Diesel engine , They can only hold without any options , so a XL GVWR is 6530 lbs , The Eagle Cap 1200 wet weights is 6090lbs, That's 440lbs over the GVWR without any gear or me ... , I would be okay with that with air bags, And just long weekend trips, But we are looking to living it ours for 4 the 5 years traveling the US and Canada , So I will need more gear and supplies from our travels,
The Gas Engine F-350 has a GVWR of 6530lbs , So that will give us a plus 440lbs for gear , Not much... But I will still have to go with a extra leaf spring or air bags in the back , But I do like the bigger brakes in the F-450 and the turning radius... Plus I have had a Diesel truck how for 22 years , A Dodge Power wagon  ,  Now my F-250 7.3l
Power stroke, Wish if it was a F-350 dually , I would use for the Eagle cap 1200...,Great Truck,  I asked the dealer about a F-550 , But he said that starts at $120,000 ...I just looked at him and said WOW !!! , Then he said that it doesn't come with a bed , but they know a place that puts them on for about $15000.00 + Confused

But it looks like I will have to order a 1200 in advance , They don't seem to last to long at the few dealer we have on the east coast, 
Funny thing is , last year we went to two RV shows , one in Philadelphia and one upstate New York looking at new 5th wheels to get for our adventure , And bigger than our 33" my wife keep looking at.. Sad

I always said,  I wish they made a 5th wheel smaller for easy towing and axis to parks, But with full slide outs on all sides , So when you get to where your going , You hit a button.. And it's nice and big...But small to drag
Well Last summer we where camping on a Ocean park , A truck camper pull in a crossed from us with a Host Mammoth on a RAM 3500 4x4 Diesel dually , They where nice enough to give us a tour of the new camper, Right away I thought , Well it's not the 5th wheel , But it works for me...  My wife liked it as well....
So well stated Looking into slide out TC , Then I found the 1200 , So we took a drive to Connecticut this past fall  to look at a used 2016 1200 , Then to New Hampshire to see a new Mammoth at a deal there ,
We liked both , But we Liked the quality and the layout on the Eagle cap , plus the gel coat, 4 seasons was a big plus, oh ..and the door is wider , not that we are big, but it just felt better the then Host, we did look at a lot of other brands , but they where only 1 or 2 slide outs...
As I posted before, the gas engine won' help you, you will be over you rear axle weight anyway.
Yes , You did mention that the weight is mainly over the rear axel and 100lb's less on the front axel, when I looked Back at your previous post , Thanks .... I'm just trying to be sure to purchase the right equipment , There both such large purchases,
I just want to get it right the first time, Don't want to be out on the road saying to myself .... I should have gotten.....
What kind of mileage are you getting with the F-450 Diesel,  with the Eagle Cap 1200 on it's back on the Highway or around town ?
Plus .. Does anyone have a gas Engine F-350 dually that has a  Eagle Cap 1200 or any TC with a payload of around 6000lb weight rating,  That kind of gas mileage are you getting on the highway and around town ?
We live in the Northwest so we are almost always in the mountains. We very considerably  been in the 9.x a few times, and over 12 a few times. With the weight and the big sale of a camper front speed quickly kills mpg. I try to stay under 65mph, 60 is even  better.
Hi BobV
How was your summer with your Eagle 1200 , Is it all that you expected from it for being a good camper to fit your needs  ?
Any pros and cons that you can share with us .
For my, It took me longer then I thought to sale my 5th wheel and truck, It just went this late August.... Confused  , But now my truck will be in sometime in November Smile  , But I did go with the F-350 crew 4x4 diesel , instead of the F-450 , Just for the reason of being able to air down for beach driving ,  Then when it comes in , Then I can order me a 1200 Smile
 I hope you had a great camping season in your 1200....
Had a great season, it's not over yet though. Going to Octoberfest in Levenworth WA. On the way back it will be drop off for a leak in the kitchen slide, and a few minor items.
 This season I had to replace the control board for the water heater, replace the drawer slides for the pantry, and a few other small items. 
 I added a cabinet by the door under the counter top. Aprox 36x10x6. Also nodded the rear basement latch so that it opens with one hand. It's a pain to have to use both hands to open the basement door.
 The bathroom is actually more function as l than it appears, it's not that bad to shower in and it's nice to step out and have lots of room to dry and dress and the closet is right there. 
 I put another 5,000 miles on the 2011 F450 (really just s 350DRW) and didn't have any problems. 
 Just purchased a 2018 F450 and got to use it once, it worked good but the camper slid side to side alot. I have gotten that fixed and ready for our next trip.
 So no regrets going with the 1200. The late functional kitchen with lots of extra storage makes up fo the odd bath. 
 We have not once missed the dining table, makes it nice to have s couch and  two recliners.
 I still think this is the best floorplan in a truck camper.
Sounds Like your get good use of your 1200 , That's great , There's always something that goes wrong with all this campers ,But as long as they can fix it , that why I want the get ours before we start trailing the country , get a couple of years on it around us on week trips , the we want to do 4 or 5 years of trailing in it , But I can't wait to get ours, I just Put the RIDE RITE XL750 air bags in my truck , I still have to get the tie downs put in for hold the camper in, what kind of tie down is best ?
 As for Camping , I didn't miss must these year, with all the bad weather and heat we had on the east coast ,
Well I finally got my new truck at the end of October  , The first 2019 in the area the dealer said... But Now to find a camper , I want to order one with only the options I want , I contacted two dealer about ordering one, and if we can work out a good price , One said he can order it , But it wouldn't get to him until MAY , Wish is fine, I could go for a nice road trip to Ohio... ,But I haven't heard from him now , and No word back from this guy in New Hampshire at all.. But he really jacks his prices up , about 10k more then MSRP.... Plus, he has one , But I don't want the brown vinyl seating... If I'm going to pay all this money , I want what I
I see some dealer are taking about 10 to 20% off the MSRP , And Some putting on 10 to 20% ON to the price ...
How did you make out on get a deal on your 1200 , Did they deal with you much ?
I might even go with a one year old one , new or used , sometimes I think a use one year might be better , all the little thing that go wrong would be fixed ... lol
Well I have fall and winter to fine one , But time goes fast ... Confused
For some reason I couldn't log onto this site for some time ???

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