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I guess i get to ne the first
I dont get on here much. More on the Eagle Cap Facebook page. I am not a fan of Facebook , but there is a lot more going on there. 
 The camper is all fixed and back home. Did s great job on it.
 We got about $5,000 off retail, but we also had a trade in, so hard to tell for sure.
 We went through Apache camper center in Portland OR. Maybe that have a idea on shipping if you call them.
So your all done for the year ... Well I hope you enjoy your adventures in your 1200, Plus now it's fixed and back to new again, Now to plain for the next years adventures .. lol
I'm on FB myself , But not on it much , But I will checkout there website  , Are there many 1200 owners on there ?,  I was talking to the Apache camper center salesman , But the one in Everett WA ,He gave me the name of a shipping company,  
But then I decide to order one from a dealer in North Carolina, closer to me , He gave me a good price with only the options we wanted ,Plus delivered to my house , I was going to give him a deposit the other day ,
 But first ask him for a about delivery time , So he said that he would contact the company , He got back to me and said that it would be a 2020 and I might see it in May or June , wish was fine with me , But then he said that there making major Changes to it ... And they haven't decided on the changes yet , So I email the ALP company sales guy , He got back to me , He just basically said that they might take design ideas from there Adventure 50th Anniversary model , which is very contemporary/ European styling  , Not my kind of thing, I don't want a camper that is trying to look like a Manhattan ,  I want something warm and cozy feeling when I'm parked in the woods someplace...
He's not sure of any of the changes yet , But he said it might stay White , But there leaning more towards the two-tone gray... Just my luck , I get my 2019 truck in white to go with the camper , and now they might change the color ...   Sad  That was the only reason why I got a white truck again  or I would have went with a different color this time , Well .. After all this work of trying to sell my 5th wheel and truck all summer , Then have to wait a couple of mouths for my new truck to come in at the end of October , Just to find out that the camper we where working to get, is in Major changes ...
Years ago, we order our Sunnybrook 5th wheel in a designs change, un-seen ,  I never cared for the changes it had , They changed it again , But then the company when under from poor management I heard,  after 70+ years ....
So to make a long story longer .... I don't think I'm good to put a down payment on something that not even the company knows where there going with it ... What a real downer... there are some dealers that still have some , But there way over MSRP
Well you’re within your rights (and money) to worry about ‘change’ (actually most folks fear change - its just embedded in our DNA - lol), but I saw the anniversary edition in person, and seeing it in the flesh (versus pics) makes a dang good argument for change - JMO...Exterior color theme can always subjective, but having said that, I wouldn’t expect all of the Special edition items to find their way over to main production line...However, in my view the simulated concrete countertops were truly a sight to behold!!!... You might also try Tom’s Camperland in AZ, a high volume Dealer....

Good Luck, 3 tons
A 2020 delivery is too far out.  Deposit money would have to be in some kind of escrow account before I would even consider it.  And the camper would have to be what I ordered, not one off the production line with all the unknown design changes.
Granted, the new design changes would probably be improvements but design and layout are what drive my decision making process. 
It sounds like  risky business to me.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Well... I put money down, and signed the papers on a new 2018 Eagle Cap 1200 , I guess it would be considered a left over...But it's still New , And at lest I know what it looks like ... lol , Not like the 2020...,  
We looked into having it shipped , But with the money they wanted , We can enjoy a good long vacation with it when we get there ,
But we will be waiting until this spring to go an get it,
I'm thanking that the end of April the weather should be getting nice again for some traveling , Hopefully....
Then for the long diver of 3000 miles  , From the east coast to the West coast.... But I don't mind driving , We have already traveled the whole East coast, from Savanna Georgia to Nova Scotia , Great lakes and in land throughout the Appalachians , So now it's time to explore the west...
So we are hopping to make a long vacation out of it , enjoy as many of the parks and scenery that we can in the three weeks we have... maybe four
But I think it's going to be nice, Plus easier driving the truck camper,  Then it was dragging that big 5th wheel around that we had.. And my wife says she would drive the truck camper Smile , But she wouldn't even try driving with the 5th wheel...
With holding off until spring , It gives me time to put on my Torklift tie downs on the truck,  the Torklift Stableload spring helpers ,
I'm not sure if I need the upper ones yet, Being I put the Air Lift 7500 on the truck already, But I might just get the uppers in case ...
Hi.  Congrats on the new camper.  Which dealer is getting it for you?
First off with advice; upgrade the truck shocks to something like the Rancho 9000's - this is, in my opinion, an absolute must.
Secondly, I think the factory F350 sway bar is wimpy.  I have one and am considering changing it out to a Hellwig.

I don't want to get too involved with advice and wish that you would start a new thread on the new camper  and truck combination.  The subject deserves it.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Congrats on the new camper!
 Call or text me when you head out this way, be nice to meet up with another EC owner
Bob 503 396 0572
Thanks Guys ... But we still have to drive out to get it ... lol  ,  
We are getting it from Apache camping center in Everett, It feels weird spending so must money on something we haven't seen yet , But it should be in good condition , It's new... Not saying that New ones don't have there problems, As we have fond out in the past , But hopefully there's nothing wrong with it... But we are very excited about going out there this May to get it , I am already planning our trip for camping on the way back, Yellowstone and the Teton will be our main thing , with Rushmore and badland on the way back ,If we have time , But we are going to say in Everett for a few days to be sure everything is working good in the unit, So if that don't take to many days and all things are working, Then we with have more time to do more things,
But as for upgrades for the truck...Admin , I've been give my credit card a workout with getting tie down, airbags and the helper springs engaging from Torklift , Plus many other thing for the trip, From bear spray to weather/torndo radio and so on.... Things we don't normally use in the east ...We have friendly bears in NY .. Just not friendly people.... lol  , But I know what you mean about the Shocks, My old Truck use to go though shock absorbers every two years with my 5th wheels we've had , Until I finally put in Bilstein's , The Monroe's wouldn't last with all the weight bouncing on them , If I recall , I thing the Rancho's are made by Monroe , But a upper grade of them,
But the Bilstein where great  for many years and a better ride, 
But this Truck only has 1500 miles on it yet, So I'm not looking to change anything yet... I hope, But I ordered this truck camper package,
Hey Bob , I will shot you a text when we are getting closer to our trip, Maybe you can stop by if in the area to see if my refrigerator is keeping the beers cold... lol
I still have the stock shocks on my 2018. Will upgrade eventually, but the are doing fine so far.
 A heads up, you will need the tailgate removed when you have the camper on, and there is no good place to store one with the camper loaded.
 You could fab up a nice inclosed wood box for it, then haul it back on one of those hitch baskets.
 Do call or text when you get close to coming out this way. 
 We are not far away and would love to meet up with a new owner. Can give you some ideas of places to camp and things to do also
 If there is anything you need let me know. We can head up to Everett if needed
 You might schedule an tour of the ALP factory, (Yakama WA) you will not be far from it, if the weather is not too bad its a nice drive. 
 Depending on your route,  the Tacoma Store might be easier to pick it up. Seattle is ALWAYS a mess to drive through.
I would be happy to help you make sure the beers are getting cold enough, but be warned, it could take several to make sure its working correctly.
I was thinking about camping by the RV center , Being there's one right next to them , This way if we have a problem, They can walk right over, and hopefully they will fix it there and then ??? Maybe .... But as for the tailgate, I made a nice one in my woodshop a couple of weeks ago out of plywood, It even has locks on it, Just to keep the good people still good ... lol , But Thanks for the heads up....
But what are some of the problems that seem to be common on the Eagle Cap campers , This way I have a idea what to look for on my test run , I got a pre-delivery check list on line , Because I have been reading about some of the problems that people on there have had with other models of the Eagle Cap campers, Confused
The Dealer was say that I can just send him the pay off when the time comes, But I am thinking that I might fly out there to give them the check, Just so I can go over the hole camper before it becomes mine,  He sounds like a nice guy on the phone , But then again , I haven't met a nasty salesman yet, before handing over the cash
So if anyone has any more pointers on the pros and cons of the newly purchased problems with the Eagle Cap, Comment on all on here ,  I know these RV are not built as well as a house, and are built more around keeping the weight down and cost down  , But then again , there not give these TC away .. But no matter what kind of camper you get , there all kinda make on the cheap side , Even if they say LUXURY RV.. Huh

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