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I guess i get to ne the first
I had small issues with it each trip for a while. I csn remember most of  them.
 The first thing was one dlide would not go in and out in sync. Found a video on how to resync and did it and no problems sence.
 Had the hot water heater controller go out. When we get together i will give you the details. I would say this is NOT a common problem.
 The pantry didnt stay latched on one trip and bent up the slides. I replaced them with heavier duty ones from Jome Drpot.
 I believe this wad because of too heavy of items in the pantry. I also modified the latches so yhey hold better, but might install a lock at some point.
 The TV reception sucks! Hope you get one with the external antenna. 
 I am sure i will think of some other things later.
 As far as mods, I added a cupboard to the area just right of the entry. Really cleans to up and very handy. 
 Also modded the rear storage latches so that the will open with one hand. I will try to post some pics
Did anyone have any issues with this on the Eagle cap 1200 and a 2017 and newer F-350 , I saw this Article in the Truck Camper Magazine, And if you did , How much did you have to raze your bed by to clear ?

Truck Camper Fitment Warning

Since Ford has not reported dimensional changes to its sheet metal for 2020, we are tempted to signal an all-clear on any truck camper fitment issues.  
After all, it was the 2017 Ford Super Duty redesign that sent the entire truck camper industry back the design board to accommodate Ford’s taller cab,
rail height and infamously smiling bumper.  The required design adjustments and riser kits are long since completed and ready to go.
Okay ....I found out by emailing Eagle Cap directly, There isn't a problem with the Eagle caps , Just a couple of there Adventurer models ...
Hi All 1200 owners
So .. has any body put there own solar panels on there EC-1200 , And if so , was the wiring from the factory all there ,were you needed it to be.... Because I would like to put two 200 watt panels on the roof, Now I know they say per wired for solar , But is there already solar wire plugs in the solar port on the roof , or is there just 2 wire ends that you have to tie into ?
Now I'm guessing that the Wires coming from the roof port are going to where the controller would be by the door, Is there already a cut out for a controller as well,
So if there are wires going from the roof to the controller area , Then I'm guessing that there is two wires that go from the controller area to the battery cutoff switch , Or did they run two wires from the controller area  back to the battery compartment ? And does anyone know what gauge they used, they don't have much INFO on these things on anything I've looked up on line ,
Does anyone off hand know how many inches there is from the edge of the roof to the bedroom skylight , I'm thing of putting a panel on each side of the skylight, my panels are 58 3/4" X 26 1/2 , I want to be able to stand on the bed and be able to tilt the panels from inside , If your able to open the skylight enough to get out ... 

I installed 2 100 watt panels on our 1200. The wires are all there.
 There are standard solar connectors on the roof, so plug and play there.
 The wires are all ran, but most likely wont be connected in the basement for the batteries.
 The wires are in the rear corner where is shows to place the controller, but they will be sitting at the bottom on the space and will be hard to get to. You will also have to figure what end goes to the batteries and what end goes to the roof.
The wires in the basement have the ends on them, but there are three different circuit brakes you can connect to and you have to pick the correct one.
 If you send me a pm or text I can forward you some more info.
 Bob 503 396 0572

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