Grey Tank Vent leaking
We have an Eagle Cap 750 and the last couple of trips we have noticed a strong sewer gas type of smell inside. So far as we can tell this is coming from the grey tank. It doesn't seem to matter if it is empty or not. The vent is under the kitchen sink, which makes no sense to me but that is where it is. We are investigating to see if the cap is the problem and purchasing a new one but putting a bag over it in the meantime is not helping, at all, although another forum post suggested this. Does anyone know if there is another vent anywhere in the trailer? Like behind the shower walls??? The black tank vents out the top but for some crazy reason the grey tank vents inside and it is unbearable right now.  Undecided
Is there only one vent cap up on the roof?
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In fact, we did find a second vent on the roof. Snaked both of them and it appears to be working.
Thanks for the suggestion!
The “one way” vent under the counter is likely needing replacement if you notice the odour coming from that area. It should just screw out. Replacements are available from Lowe’s/Home Depot. 
We had to replace one of these in the laundry area in our DRV 5th wheel.
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