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New to a 2008 EC 950
I just bought a new to me 2008 Eagle Cap 950 and a couple of questions have come up...

1.  I have 3 outside lights.  1 on each side and 1 on the back.  The 1 on the back comes on when I use the switch by the door.  The 2 on either side do not come on and don't seem to have power to them when I turn on the same switch.  Is there another switch or is it coincidental that both lights have screwed up wiring.  Already swapped bulbs and used a multimeter on the outlets.  Can't seem to get power to them.

2.  Why is the stereo tied to a on/off switch above the sink?

3.  Why is there a dedicated "no knob" water supply right next to the outside shower outlet?  Both seem to come from the same water source.  When/why would I use the dedicated cold water outlet when I could just connect to the shower and choose cold?

I'm figuring out most everything else, but these have got me scratching my head.

Thanks in advance for anyone's/everyone's feedback.
One more question...does anyone have the electronic version of the manual for the 2008 EC 950?  I've looked online, but can't find it.  Any documents that detail information about the set up would be great.  I'm looking for wiring diagrams, a list of all the features and how they work, etc.  

Thanks again.
RatherBeOutdoors-  On our 2008 EC950 and all others that I'm aware of the switch by the door controls all three lights, to the dismay of many owners that only want the rear light on at times.  Is it possible that someone installed another switch to disable the other lights or simply disconnected them?

The only reason that I can tell for the switch for the stereo is so it doesn't drain the battery while it just sits there.  its the only non safety item that would be a constant battery drain while not in use.  If you consider that everything else has a switch as well to make it operable.

As far as the dedicated water outlet, you have me baffled.  Do you have a picture?  Next to our shower is the tank fill and city water "supply".

Happy Camping
Hi there!

I just bought a 2008 EC 950 last month too!  Sooo many questions.  I’m trying to get everything sorted out and get on the road in a long held dream of RVing full-time.

I received very little information with mine and am trying to find a way to fill in the knowledge voids.  For instance, can anyone tell me the tank capacities?  I’m assuming the fresh water is about 40-46 gallons as that is what the new 960’s are.  I want to sanitize the tank but need to know how many gallons, etc.

I don’t like jumping into something without knowing at last many of the facts so this is putting me way over my comfort zone.  Maybe that’s what the Universe is trying to teach me.  My camper is in excellent condition so I’m happy there!

Thanks for any help or advice.  I’m open to it all.

Regards, Linda
As far as I know, Eagle Cap Campers never published wiring schematics.  Other specs, such as materials and capacities were published in their brochures.  
The factory website maintains a library of some previous model brochures:
Curiously, the 2008 and 2009 brochures are missing.  This could be important because EC was known to change model features in mid-season.
I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]
Oh!  I know the answer to this one!!  LOL. I called Eagle Cap just for this reason and they said that the original company went out of business and another took over in 2007-2008 but only lasted 2 years.  Bummer for those of us who have those years.  I’ve tried to find anything on that company but nothing.

This is so great to get answers I didn’t even know I had!

I have the same two water nozzles and I don’t know what the second one is for either.  The man I bought it from didn’t know so I hope someone does and can clear this up for us.
Pictures would help.  After you click the "Reply" button you have the option to attach a photo(s).
The "nozzles" could be the black tank flush, the city water or a connection for the outside shower.  
Photos would help identify the connection points (both for yourself and others that my follow).

The compartment nozzle on the right is the outside shower (see hot and cold handles).  There is a curly hose with a shower head that quick-connects to the outlet nozzle.

The compartment on the left, is, I think, for city fresh water hookup.  I'm guessing that the curled hose in that compartment has a pressure regulator on it's end - used to reduce city water pressure to less than 45 psi - so as to be safe for the camper water system.

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I traded in the problematic 2014 Lance for an 1150 Arctic Fox - wish EC made the 1150.
The rig looks similar to this - nothing exceeds factory weight limits.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=333]

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